Wednesday, April 30, 2008

If only I lived in NY

This post could also be named "avoiding all the work I should be doing".

Found this article at the Washington Post:

Professional Potty Trainer. You too can charge $185 an hour to toilet train someone else's child, like the talented folks at the Soho Parenting center in New York. This tidbit was reported in the October issue of Vanity Fair, which also told of a company called High 5 which will teach your kid to ride a bike (for $60 an hour) and the Los Angeles trend of paying attractive young men to come to your house to horse around -- with your kids. "There's nothing more emasculating than watching a stranger being paid to play with your kids," one (apparently sane) father complained.

Totally understand hiring one. Totally don't understand wanting to be one.

In case potty training twins isn't enough.....

I also have to make and decorate two elaborate cakes (one monster truck, one train), plus another even more elaborate cake for Camille's wedding reception on Saturday (and that one actually needs to look good). Also tonight I have to wrap presents and decorate the house for the bday celebration, host the fam for a bday party tomorrow night, and of course the usual dinner, clean up, baths, and referee duties.

And, because I just love setting deadlines that make no sense, I am also right in the middle of painting my ceiling and trying to prep/mud/sand my kitchen walls. Trying to get it done before the party tomorrow. And the back of our car is filled with 10 50lb bags of sand, ready to be hauled to the backyard and put in our sandbox. Just in case I get bored. HA!

Day 2

Today has gone very well- you can tell by the lack of posts! :) Mostly today is great because we had our play class from 9-12, and then ran an errand, and Aidan is at his 'special birthday lunch with Grandma'. So it is 1:30, and I've only had to take Jack once. I'm sure it will ramp up when Aidan gets home, but so far, so good. :) At least I am still going! I feel pretty committed to it, but it helps that I got a break today.

And either there are a lot of people really interested in potty training, or there are a lot of people who like to laugh at all my ventings, because yesterday I hit an all-time high for number of visitors! I know there are a few readers who have pottys on the brain, but I think most are just laughing at me! :) That's ok- I figure someone should enjoy it!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spoke too soon

Trying to set a record for number of posts in one day. I spoke too soon- this afternoon is not better. I posted that last one about 30 min after they woke up from naps. Of course it wasn't bad yet!!

Several accidents, and now Abigail has decided that she isn't getting quite enough attention, and has started her destructive spell- pulling things off the wall to break them, knocking over my recliner, beating up whichever boy isn't on the pot for the moment, running naked through the house, screaming at the top of her lungs anytime I am on the phone (sorry Valeni) (and mom) (and Melinda) (and the person who called and I couldn't even hear anything and I just had to hang up). You get the picture. Basically just stomping on the only nerve I had left. Maybe she will get the attention she craves in her room. Not likely, but we are trying it anyway.

But I made it to 4:10 before losing my cool. I count that as success. No break for now, but when Kydon gets home, I'm leaving for an hour. And if he puts them in diapers before I get home, I will scream. And possibly throw something. Just kidding. Sort of.

And OH, how I wish I wasn't trying to eat right, because I could really use a big fat hamburger and some major chocolate right now. But I am resisting. And drinking a ton of diet coke.

Getting better/ still TMI

Afternoon has been better. The last 2 pair are holding for now. Aidan is doing great- no puddles, but didn't make it for the poop. Jack does fine with the poop, but pees about every 30 seconds. Not much, but enough to make me crazy. And a few times we have run into the problem of more than one needing the facility at the same time.

I am starting to see that they are learning, and it does give me hope for the next few days. Of course, I am really tired of the 1/2 bath. Spent most of the day in there so far. I think we will take a break and go to a store or something. :) Try again tomorrow (after play class, of course).

Who knew life could be so fun?!?

16 down to 2

Started out with 16 pair of underwear..... now down to 2. We've been trying for only 2 hours. Joys of twins. Not giving up, running the washer and watching the Potty Time video right now.

Waaaaaay too much information

I almost didn't even try today. Abigail was up several times through the night. Even though I know to expect that after they get off schedule all weekend, it is still exhausting and hard to deal with. So I woke up in a bad mood. Then the very first attempt at putting them on the potty resulted in:

"JACK first" followed by "NOOOOO- AIDAN first" (repeat)

And yes, the all caps signifies the wailing and gnashing of teeth that accompanied all the screams of protest. Multiplied by two. The second attempt was much the same. (Making attempts every 15 min). Third attempt found Jack in a puddle and then they both screamed protests, but both peed on the potty. Enough to make me keep at it. We are now at 45 min, and going strong, at least until the next puddle (or worse).

And don't worry, since I am dealing with this, and not able to get anything else done, I will probably give some frequent updates. If you do not find this as endlessly fascinating as I do, please check back tomorrow- I'm sure I won't still be at it by then! LOL.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Trying Again

Ok, tomorrow, in honor of the boy's upcoming birthday, I am going to attempt potty training. Again. I told the boys before they went to bed, and now I am writing it here so that I can't chicken out. Again. I even got the "Potty time for him" video from the library. That will surely work, right????? If anyone wants to come over tomorrow to help, you are more than welcome! LOL

And yes, we can use the comments section to take bets on how long I make it. (Think in hours, not days).

Friday, April 25, 2008

Random thoughts

Am I the only one that gets reflective at birthdays? Jack and Aidan turn 3 next week.....

It hasn't been that long since they were just little peanuts! That is both of them in one bouncy seat! Jack in the stars, Aidan in stripes.

And here is Abigail..... I thought she was so big! She was only 15 months.... I realize now she was still a baby!!

My other random thoughts....

The Plan will have to be revised. After a week at Disney, which is like Vegas for a little boy who loves trains, Aidan has now revoked his love of monster trucks, and reinstated his love of trains. So I think his birthday will need to have some trains somewhere. I have a couple ideas for a cake, but don't know what to do for a game. That will require some thought.

Alone time. Hardly ever get that, and when I do, I have to go to the dentist or grocery shop or something. This weekend we are going to Camille's wedding, and Kydon and I have to travel seperately (he had a voucher to use, and I just got the cheapest flight). I would rather travel with him, but since we aren't, I can't wait to have alone time! I will have time today, traveling, and time on Sunday, since my flight leaves several hours after his. I can't wait to read my book, think to myself, and go where I want, when I want. I am a person who thrives on being alone, and that aspect of my life has suffered a lot since having kids! So I am really looking forward to this!

I also can't wait to see the fam out West, and especially my nieces and nephews. They are soooo adorable, and I haven't seen them in years. I am bringing bribes, to worm my way into 'favorite aunt' status. I am not above bribery!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I should be embarrassed

But I'm not. Well, actually I am, but not enough to do anything about it, and not enough to keep from sending it into cyber-space.

Aidan is now changing his own diapers. Yep, should have been potty-trained long ago, and now he has taken matters into his own hands (quite literally). He will take off the old diaper, wipe himself, put the wipe and old diaper in the trash, and bring me the new one to put on.

Is this where I nominate myself for the pathetic mommy award? Because I'm sure I would win. And if the prize was a weekend away, all by myself, I would sabotage the other nominees.

Not that I haven't tried potty training. I have- many times. But with 2 boys, and pee and poop making a mess all over my house, the training sessions never last more than a few hours before I just give up and revert to diapers. Maybe I just need to get him to take care of Jack's diapers as well, and then I could get out of the whole thing.

Welcome home Uncle Dane!

This past weekend we got to be at the airport to welcome home our wonderful Uncle Dane, who was serving a mission in Sendai, Japan. He looks great, and it was fun to spend the weekend talking, hearing stories, and just spending time together. I think Abigail remembers him. Jack and Aidan don't, but Aidan (the king of the cute sayings), kept saying 'Me miss uncle Dane' and 'some people no have no uncle Dane'. It was so funny!

Next weekend is Camille's wedding! Yay!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Just what you've been waiting for

Fun in the sun.
Check out the top of the picture to see where the flags are-
that is where we did the flag ceremony on Friday.

I know you all have been on pins and needles for days just waiting and waiting for all the details of our trip. Well, I will keep you waiting no more- here it is, and if you make it to the end, give yourself a piece of chocolate. I know I will be eating chocolate if I make it to the end!

We started out on Friday and had a great drive down. We got out of the city before 7, which means we missed all the traffic, and made it to Orlando by about 3:30, which was great timing. We checked in, looked around for a little, then met the family for dinner with Cinderella and her stepsisters. Abigail thought it was great, and had all these things to say to them, but got shy when they were actually in front of her. The two funniest moments:

  • Abigail telling Anastasia that she was prettier than Cinderella because she had a pretty pink dress.
  • Aidan did not care anything about all the people walking around, but when he saw Prince Charming, he gets really excited, jumps down from his chair and says 'I want a picture with that guy".

Check out his face- that is a dream coming true, baby!

Saturday was fun, with a trip to Magic Kingdom. There were some torrential downpours, but they only lasted about 10 min or so, then we would play for a few hours before having to hide out the next one. We stuck it out and stayed ALL day, (well, we did take a couple hours for a nap time) and we didn't leave the park until after the parade and fireworks. Unfortunately, after the fireworks, we got caught by another rainstorm, and we didn't make it under cover, so we all got soaked through. The kids were freezing, and all of them were crying all the way back to the hotel. But we had fun up until then!

Funny story: To get to most of the Disney places from our resort, we would travel by boat. They had big covered boats, and smaller boats they would use. Well, Jack very quickly made up his mind that he did not like the small boats, and only liked the BIG boats. Whenever the smaller boat would pull up (which was most of the time), he would get really mad, try not to get on, and then pout the whole time, saying 'Me no like little boat. Me only like BIG boat'. I almost preferred the small boats, since it was so funny to see him get so mad and pout! He has the cutest little pouty face!

Sunday was another overcast day, but we got to see our friends. They came over for the day, and we went to the pool, decorated cookies, did a craft project, and just had fun. At the end of the day, we put all 7 kids (between us we have 7 kids, and the oldest is 6) on the beds, turned on the movie, and we went out on the little balcony and actually got to talk with the adults. It was great! I miss them so much!

Abigail loves Mark

Monday we weren't sure if it was going to rain or not, so we decided to stay around the resort. We swam, did cookie decorating, craft project, took naps, and let the kids do a pony ride. That evening we met the whole fam for a dinner with Mickey and friends, then went on a special after dark pirate party. We met Capt. Hook and Mr. Smee, ate snacks, then when it was dark, we got on a boat where we were entertained with jokes and music by a 'real pirate', and then watched the fireworks from the boat. It was so cool. Thanks, Melinda, for coordinating that. It was awesome!

Funny story: When Abigail saw the giant treasure chest full of chocolate coins, she was just beside herself with excitement. She grabbed one, took a bite, and then spit it out, saying she didn't like it. But the squirrel in her just couldn't resist, and every pocket, bag, or purse that anyone had was soon stuffed with them. I am still finding little coins in different places!

Tuesday turned out to be beautiful weather, and we went to Animal Kingdom. We totally loved the Lion King show and the safari. The down side was that we were all SO tired! The kids would not walk at all, so we were trying to carry all 3 and get them places. We made it until about 2 or so, then we left. We only got to see 1/3 of the park, but what we saw was great.

Wednesday everyone in the group went to Magic Kingdom again. We rode some rides all together, and went our own way some. It was fun. We weren't as rushed this time, just doing the things that we hadn't done on Saturday, so it was a nice day. The kids all loved it! Abigail was too nervous to ride Splash Mountain, which was her favorite ride last time, but she did go on Big Thunder Railroad, and declared it to be "awesome". Abigail had her favorite moment, getting to wear all of her princess clothes and meet her favorites, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. She was totally entranced by them- it was adorable.

Funny story: Early in the morning, we were in tomorrowland, and there weren't many people around. We saw the Stitch character running around, and one of the Disney workers gave Abigail a laser gun to try and 'shoot' him. She was doing it, but I think the big crazy character made her nervous, so she gave the gun to Jack. Jack was right in his element, chasing Stitch around corners, striking a pose to shoot him, it was great. Then Stitch started coming toward Jack. He kept pushing the button with more and more intensity, then finally just chucked the gun right at Stitch and ran the other way. It was hilarious.

Thursday was a day 'off', just doing more swimming, going to Downtown Disney, getting giant suckers and princess chocolates, having a few tantrums caused by lack of sleep, losing Aidan in a store (yikes), eating dinner with the fam, and getting to bed at a reasonable time (at home 6:30 is normal, but in FL if we were in by before 9, we were doing good).

Abigail chose 'princess chocolate' as her treat, but was more than happy to
take over the giant suckers after the boys had their fill!

Friday morning Kydon left at 4 am to catch a flight home, to attend his school weekend. We had asked to be the 'flag family', which meant that we got to climb to the very top of the Wilderness Lodge, and help the old man raise the flags. Now that was awesome. We took the morning slow, just checking out of our resort, and moving things over to the house that others were staying in for our last night. After naps, we went with my parents back to Animal Kingdom, revisiting our favorite things, and realizing that we didn't miss much not seeing the other 2/3 of the park. But it was fun, and we got to ride Aidan's favorite ride- the parking lot tram. Yes, he remembered it from last year, saying "Hey!! Dat my bavrite!" He was very impressed when the operator told him that she got to ride the tram all day. Can anyone guess what is now Aidan's new carreer ambition?

Saturday was just packing and leaving, driving for a looooong 10 hours home, sitting in traffic, kids having meltdowns, and Jack getting sick.

My most Magical moment:

  • Sitting on the pirate cruise, holding Aidan, watching the fireworks. He would point to each one and say "WOW! Awesome!"

My coolest moment:

  • Doing the flag ceremony on the top of Wilderness Lodge. That view and experience was amazing.
My proudest moment:
  • Our second day at Animal Kingdom, it was getting late in the afternoon. The kids were hot, tired, and hungry. We decided to get ice cream, then go to the Lion King show. We waited in a long line, had already each picked out which one we wanted, and were next to order, when my mom realized the show was about to start. I successfully used The Spin and we left and went to the show. After the show, the ice cream got delayed again to ride our last ride, and when we were done with the ride it was 30 min before the park closed, but every.single. ice cream place was closed!! I just kept spinning and spinning, and we went almost 3 hours of promising and not getting ice cream, and had very minimal crying. I am so proud!

Well, here is the end! Congrats if you made it this far- break out the chocolate! I am uploading the pictures to our picture site (link is on the right), so if you don't see them right away, just check back later- it takes a few hours to load. Also, I realized when looking at the pictures, they suck! Our kids were SO not cooperative to look at or smile for the camera. Oh well! We were busy having fun and didn't worry about it too much.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I followed my gut and took Jack to a different doctor at the urgent care. Yes, he has pneumonia (confirmed with listening and with x-ray). They were actually concerned that he wasn't breathing well, and gave him a shot of Rocephin and a breathing treatment, and sent me home with prescriptions.

I was right.

That doctor is an idiot.

They will be getting a letter.

And Jack will be able to get better instead of worse. Wow, what a great concept.


Frustrating morning. Jack is pretty darn sick. Still having regular fevers, and last night his cough got so bad that there were a few times he has trouble catching his breath. I thought about going to the ER when he was having trouble breathing, but I remained calm. I pulled out my stethescope and spent time listening to him and figuring out how bad he is. I have been told by our regular doc that we should come in for fever if it lasts more than 3 days. Plus the cough, and all the classic symptoms of pneumonia. I didn't rush to the ER, and first thing this morning I took him to our doctor.

Ok, not our doctor, but one in the same practice. They have 7 doctors, 1 I love, 3 I like, 1 I hate and 2 I was neutral. The one I love wasn't there. The 3 I like weren't in today. They have 2 offices, and only 3 docs were on today. Of course the 3 I don't love. So I for SURE wasn't going to see Dr. Idiot, who once asked me if my 6 month old was really able to "tell" me that his ear hurt. (No, I didn't think my 6 month old could talk, but I knew he had been diagnosed with an ear infection, and he was crying and pulling on his ear. Pretty obvious, but that is a rant for another day). So I was left to choose between the other 2. I don't have anything against them, so I made the first appt. for the day. I can't find a babysitter on that short of notice, plus there wasn't enough time to take them anywhere, so I drag a 4 year old and two 2 year olds to the doctor office. Not my favorite thing to do, and certainly not something I do unless I feel it is NECESSARY.

Dr. Idiot #2 (as I will now think of her in my brain) listens to his lungs for all of 5 seconds, all the time asking him to breathe deeper (and I know that means she can't hear his lungs very well, since the deeper they breathe the easier it is to hear). She then checks out the ears and mouth, and declares him to be the picture of health except for having a very minor cold. WHAT?!??%*$

I said 'do you think he might have pneumonia'? She says 'oh, well, maybe, but you can't *hear* pneumonia, you can only see it on chest x-ray. If he is still sick after a while, bring him back and we will do an x-ray. Ok, first of all, she has now shown herself as an idiot, since I have worked in a Children's pediatric hospital for 10 years, and have had 2 different pulmonologists train me in how to listen for pneumonia. And I have had 3 doctors in that practice tell me that you will *hear* pneumonia before it shows up on x-ray. OK, so I now know that she does not have the ability to correctly diagnose my child (he might not have pneumonia, or he might, but she will never be able to tell). So I say 'well, how long should I wait, since it has been 4 days' and she says give it 2 more days and they will do an x-ray. Grrrrr.

So I decide to give up the fight about the diagnosis and focus on his symptoms (by this time she has already finished all her notes and is trying to hand me my check out papers). So I bring up the point that he has a cough that caused him to have difficulty breathing last night.

Dr. Idiot #2: What do you mean, trouble breathing?
Me: I mean that he couldn't stop coughing, was starting to gag and throw up, and a few times started gasping for air like he couldn't breathe
Dr. Idiot #2: Well, if he has trouble breathing, you need to take him to see someone.


Me: Well, that is why I'm here- I was worried about his breathing, so I brought him in.

Dr. Idiot #2: Well, try a humidifier, since you probably had your heat on last night. If he has trouble breathing, make sure to take him to someone.

By this time I am starting to get really mad, and starting to realize this idiot will not help me or my child. Of course, in the background of all this are 3 squirmy, restless toddlers. Turning off lights, grabbing my purse, throwing books, spitting, you get the picture. So I leave.

Take away the fact that he has all the symptoms of pneumonia. He may not have it. I am ok with that. But she should have given me something for his cough. She could have prescribed a nebulizer only to be used if needed. Respiratory symptoms are ALWAYS worse at night, so it isn't surprising that he is ok during the day and much worse at night. I still am in disbelief that I spoke with a doctor who told me to 'take him to see someone', when I am standing there speaking to her.

So I have ranted to my mom, my sister, my husband, and now all of you get to read all about it. I am debating taking him to an urgent care center this afternoon, or waiting until tomorrow and hope a competant doctor is at the office. I do NOT want to spend another night laying awake listening to my child breathe and trying to decide at what point it is bad enough to go to the ER. But I also do NOT want to go to another doctor and be told it is nothing. What would you do if you were me????

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Home again

Hi! We are home. I have had a TON of requests from family and friends for all the details, and pictures... but for goodness sakes, I just got home last night at about 8 pm after driving almost 10 hours by myself with the kids (Kydon had to come back early for school). My parents did take one kid with them, but still!!

Now I am trying to unpack, take care of all the cranky people in my house (me being the crankiest), and to top it off, Jack spiked a fever last night. So I will get details and pictures, but it might take a few days! :)

I will say that the rain cleared up, and all of our magical Disney wishes came true! It was really fun.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Liquid Sunshine

According to the man driving the boat, here in Disney World they call rain 'liquid sunshine'. Well, we have had buckets and buckets of sunshine dumping down on us! We are still having fun, running under cover during the downpours and getting all the swimming and theme parks in during the overcast but not rainy times. Hopefully it will clear up and our week in sunny Florida won't be all liquid!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

We are out of here!

Leaving in the am to go on vacation!! The kids have been so excited, and I am excited too! I feel like a 5 year old waiting! :) I'm sure I will post while away, since the computer addiction is strong!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mama got skillz

Right in the middle of changing Jack's poopy diaper, and I look over to see Aidan has a really bad bloody nose (he gets them several times a week, not any cause for alarm). Well, I was able to succesfully finish changing Jack's diaper while holding Aidan's nose. And I didn't get blood or poop anywhere that it wasn't supposed to be. Now if that isn't a resume builder, I don't know what is.

The sad thing is, with my job (nurse), it probably is a resume builder. Maybe I should look for a new career.

And here are the pictures of Abigail's hair.... It really does look cute, just the bangs are too short, and it was so painful to cut off all that hair that took so long to grow!

Hmm.. they looked fine when I took them, but here on the website they look dark. Oh well. I don't have all day to just take pictures of my cutie!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bad Hair Day

I tried all day to get a picture of her haircut, and she was very against it. Finally she came out of her room like this and said I could take her picture. Maybe she was more aware than I thought???

It is true that she didn't want her bangs cut- she said she was 'growing them out'. But we haven't cut them for over 2 months, and they were just barely in her eyes, and she hated all the ponytails I had to put in to keep the hair out of her face. So I gave her a pack of smarties, and she let me cut all I wanted. Maybe I should have listened!! I will try tomorrow to get a pic of the hair! :)

When I showed her this picture, she said 'I look like a rock star'. :D


So hair is not something that Abigail is good at growing. She was basically bald until about 18 months, and she is now 4 and it barely brushes her shoulders. Well, yesterday I was getting my hair cut, and decided that I should cut hers as well. Not as in I should get her hair cut, but as in I should cut her hair. I have done it before- I cut the long stringy baby hair off one time, and have cut her bangs.

So I did it. And totally butchered it. I cut the bangs WAY too short (what a wiggle worm she was, I kept messing it up). And then when I tried to do a little layer in the back, it ended up really weird, and this morning I had to cut off about 2 inches of the total length. Oy. The worst part is that it will take SO LONG to grow it back out- possibly years, at the rate we are going.

Sorry, Abigail. I promise to take you to a professional next time!