Thursday, June 26, 2008

Twenty years in the making

I got tagged by Kori! It is my first official tag- how fun! :)

20 Years ago...
1. I was 11 years old, and in the 5th grade
2. My teacher was Mr. Wardell- I think the first time I had a 'boy' teacher. I thought it was so cool!
3. I had really good friends all around the neighborhood, and we used to play outside ALL the time.
4. I had an awesome cat named Boots.
5. Wow, I really can't remember much from 20 years ago. :)

10 Years ago...
1. I had just graduated from Auburn University School of Nursing!
2. I was finally done with commuting from Atlanta where Kydon and I lived to Auburn, where I sort-of lived. Driving 1,000 miles a week wasn't as much fun as it sounds!
3. We were just starting to 'try' to have kids..... such hope and blissfull ignorance! :)
4. We didn't own anything that hadn't been given to us. Except maybe a few clothing items. All furniture, tv's, kitchen stuff, everything. We used to look around our apartment and name who had given us everything! What--- we didn't have money for entertainment, either, LOL!
5. I started my job at CHOA Scottish Rite- was there this whole time until last year!

5 Years ago...
1. We were matched with our first adoption, spent 4th of July in DC meeting out birthmom. The adoption later fell through, and we dealt with a huge letdown.
2. Luckily just a couple months later, we were matched with Abigail's birthmom.
3. We were living in our 'first home'- a 3 bedroom townhouse. We loved it!
4. Awesome vacation to Outer Banks, NC.
5. I tried to think of other things, but that year was all about adoption! Getting our homestudy done, working overtime and saving money, a match that didn't happen, and a match that did happen! That is a LOT for one year!!

3 Years ago...
1. We were matched with Angela, who was expecting twin boys!
2. The twins were born, and Abigail was 15 months old.
3. After a looooong two months, we found out we would be able to keep the boys!
4. We didn't sleep for 9 months.
5. I think that was the year I lost all sanity. I can't say for certain, since I also lost all memory and reason. But, like my bloggy friend said, I also lost my lonely. :)

1 Year ago...
1. We decided very quickly to rent our house to some friends, and packed, bought a new house and moved all in about a month.
2. Kydon tricked me into agreeing to let him go to graduate school.
3. We celebrated our 10 year anniversary, and I got a really beautiful diamond ring!
4. We had a 3 year old and two 2 year olds! Now that was crazy!
5. I unpacked our entire house in ONE week. Including all the books and things you don't really need for a long time. Including hanging all the pictures on the walls, shelf paper in all the drawers and cabinets, and taking care of 3 kids. How did I do it? Well, we didn't have cable tv or internet for a week..... oh boy, what a reminder of all I could get done if I just didn't have all my emails to check!

So Far This Year...
1. Super Awesome Vacation to Argentina. And Disney World.
2. I started blogging!
3. Uncle Dane came to live with us. And Camille got married.
4. Home improvement continues! And shows no sign of ending!
5. We traded our double stroller for a wagon- a sign of growing kids!

1. Got another reminder of why I REALLY need to potty train the boys.
2. Went out with my awesome friend Vonae. We meet sometimes after the kids are in bed and just talk for hours! I love it!
3. Did 3 loads of laundry to make up for skipping a couple days.
4. Gave the boys haircuts. I started to have a little rebellion, and think "I shouldn't have to do EVERYTHING in this entire house! I am going to take them somewhere and let someone ELSE cut their hair! I should get a break from all this work!" Then I thought about loading them all in the car, keeping 2 entertained in a salon, giving detailed instructions to the haircutter, and probably being annoyed at the results..... I decided it was actually less work to just do it myself. So I did. And then gave them snacks, then baths. What a good mom I am!
5. Celebrated hitting my goal weight! And no, I didn't celebrate with food! :)

1. Went to the garden center and bought a bunch of plants and ground cover, and totally dug out and planted a huge flower bed in the front yard that has needed some serious help.
2. Turned my back for one minute and Abigail got the hatchet I was using to chop tree roots. Next thing I know, Aidan is saying "Mommy, Abigail chopping the car". I have never been so happy to see 'just' a 2 inch scratch in all my life.
3. Talked to my sister on the phone. It is a fundamental part of
4. Ordered pizza for dinner. You didn't think I was going to do yardwork ALL day and then fix dinner, did you??
5. Did a babysitting swap with a friend. Today she watched mine.

Tomorrow... (boy, this is getting long)
1. I might go to the puppet show. Or I might not.
2. Start to sew a skirt for Abigail and Caroline to wear in the annual cousins picture. Hmmm, better make that 2 skirts. They probably don't want to share.
3. Kydon's parents are coming to visit.
4. I need to buy some pants.
5. Will watch my friends kids, for the swap.

Next Year... (last one, I promise)
1. Abigail will start kindergarten. Jack and Aidan will start pre-school.
2. Kydon will be done with grad school.
3. I will go back to work.
4. We will take some really good vacations!
5. Home improvement projects will continue!

I now tag Melinda, Kelly, and Mary Kate!


Colleen said...

Congratulations on reaching your goal. I know how hard you have worked. Good Job.

Kelly said...

Okay, I feel like I just got assigned a bunch of homework.

Shanna said...

That's right- get to work!

Adam and Lisa said...

Congrats on your goal weight! I am proud of you!

TheVillamorFamily said...

Wow...I was thinking as I read it "that is a lot of thinking!!" and then I saw that I was tagged!

Guess I better start:) I am jealous you got to meet up with vonae! Wish i could join you guys after the kids go to bed!

ali said...

that is a great visual of Abigail taking a hatchet to your car! I'm so glad it didn't end like the massacre I envisioned in my head :)