Monday, July 7, 2008

3 year old logic

I was vacuuming today (shocker!!), and all of a sudden a Light up Sandal flys within inches of my nose. I turn, and see Aidan standing nearby.

I ask "Why did you throw a shoe at my head?"
He answers "Me no find my ball"

I'm not sure if he meant "I wanted to chuck a ball at your head, but couldn't find it, so I used my shoe" or maybe "I can't find my ball, and it made me mad, so I'm throwing a shoe at you". Or perhaps simply stating unrelated facts "I threw the shoe at your head because it was there, and your head was near, and I am 3. Also, have you seen my ball?"

It made me laugh. Probably because it didn't hit me. If it had hit me, this story might have a different ending. :)

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