Tuesday, July 8, 2008


We are so lucky to live near cousins! All of the cousins on my side live close, and we frequently get together, play, and have fun together. Since Abigail was born, we have had a tradition of getting a yearly picture of all the cousins together.

The first one went pretty well. Caroline was 3 (? Melinda- correct me if I'm wrong!), so we did have 4 kids 3 and under, but we got a cute shot and it wasn't that painful.
(Sorry for the blur, I didn't feel like scanning, so I
just took pictures of the pictures)

The second one added the twins. It was a little more rowdy, but still ok overall.

The third one brought Alex and Grant to the mix, and it was pretty wild. After about 4 different attempts at poses, and many bribes and threats, we somehow got *one* (and only one) halfway decent shot. It was wild, and crazy, and I think most of us left with a little anger in our pocket. :)

This is last years. We got a picture, but it was a disaster. A complete disaster.

I'm not even sure I can remember all that was terribly wrong with this. Abigail and Tyler were ok. They responded to the bribes. Caroline sat, but getting her to smile and/or look at the camera was pretty much impossible. Carter had a broken foot, and it kept getting bumped. He wanted to leave really badly. Aidan was having nothing to do with this. During one pose, I had to be laying on the ground, covered in a blanket, holding his hips to keep him in place. You can imagine how that went. Jack was screaming, crying and running away. Alex was crying, but not moving a lot. The next day he was hospitalized for dehydration, so that explains it. Grant was hysterical. Completely lost it. We had to get the black and white finish to hide all of his tears and red face. Jack and Aidan are holding cell phones, as it was the absolutely only way to get them to be anywhere close to the other kids. Of course, them having the cell phones didn't go over too well with the others. Then, after all this, we had to wait for about 2 hours trying to pick which picture, decide how many to order, etc. etc.

This year, we thought about cancelling it all together. But we decided to go a different route. An outdoor shoot, with a photographer we knew. And it was wonderful. We were outside, and therefore not all cramped in a tiny little studio room. We were able to take a few pictures, let them play and run, take a few more. We got at least one great posed shot:

And some amazing candids:

It wasn't easy. There were 9 kids, age 2 months-7. But Marchet did a great job! You can see a few more pictures here. And when we left, the kids had had a parade, found a frog, blew bubbles, and played with their cousins. And the adults just sort-of hung back, talked to each other, and relaxed. Yay!

I love the parade with the flags. Jack has his bubbles, Carter Abigail and Caroline look like they are just bursting with joy. I love that Alex and Grant are walking the other direction, and Alex is looking back, like 'hey- where did everybody go?' So cute!


Rebecca said...

The cousins pictures are SO cute! It IS hard to get a good shot! That photographer did an awesome job!

Valeni said...

I enjoyed seeing the pictures. The candid one of Abigail is darling. So glad you can get the cousins together to take pictures!

Marchet Butler said...


I am positively glowing from the compliments about my photography. Thank you! I too have had bad experiences with chain studios, and it's made me realize that the kind of photos I truly love are real and genuine. I hope that I've been able to capture a bit of that for your family. Thank you again,

Butler Family Photography

Melissa said...

I love the shot of Abigail! Gorgeous! The kids look much happier, and more human I might add, in the outdoor shoot. Good thinking!