Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you....

All of you who are dying to know how the potty training is going. All of you who need a good laugh in your day. All of you who love to see another suffer! ;) Don't worry, it has been a looooong time, but I am back for more.

I checked, and my last potty-training post was May 14th. Yes, we are now in July, but that's ok. And, no, there is no way I would have done anything without posting here on the blog, so please don't feel like maybe you missed something. Even all of you who are hoping that I will take them to the potty atleastonetime without blogging about it to the world, sorry, no such luck! I heard the term 'verbal vomit' recently, and it seems to apply in this situation. :)

Anyway..... back to the subject at hand. We attempted yesterday. With zero success. Not even a glimmer that they remembered anything from before. It was like day zero all over again. I was partially kicking myself for waiting so long, but not really, because it just wasn't happening, and I'm really not sorry I stopped. But I was sorry yesterday that there was such abysmal training happening.

Then today. Aidan screamed bloody murder for at least 10 minutes while I made him sit on the pot. He refused to do anything at all. For 10 minutes I debated within my head to the background music of screaming and crying.

Is this really worth it?
Why doesn't he just pee and get off?
Should I let him down and within 3 seconds he will pee on the floor?
Should I tough it out and make him sit there?
How long do I wait? How far am I willing to take this?
If I stop training him, will it damage whatever progress Jack is making?
Will Jack think he doesn't have to go if I let Aidan continue in diapers?

And on and on. After 10 minutes, I decided my limit was 10 min. I brought Jack in and explained that Aidan wasn't ready, but he was, and would still need to go in the potty. He seemed ok with it. Ok, so we are ready. Aidan back in diapers, and more than proud of his 'baby' status. Jack seems ok with the underpants. And you know what? He remembered some of what he was doing before. Like holding it in between going. And not having accidents. And how to release it once he is on the potty. Good boy!! Makin' momma happy.

And now, for TMI, I will give you the details of our greatest accomplishment. He looked at me once and said "toots ok?" I told him that toots were ok, but they probably meant he needed to go to the potty. He was adamant that he didn't need to go, and after a few back and forths, I dropped it, since I had taken him less than 5 min previous to this. Then he gets *that look* on his face, and says "mommy, me pooped". I begin my lecture, and rush him into the bathroom to get cleaned up, kicking myself the whole way for not taking him before. But guess what- no mess! So I put him on the potty, and he GOES! For real. All of it. I can't even tell you how unbelievably happy this made me. Not only are we solidly in Phase 1, but this catapults us straight into Phase 2 territory, and we catch a glimpse of Phase 3! It was just a language barrier with future tense/ past tense confusion!! He recognized he needed to go, and was able to put it in the proper place!!

He stayed dry all morning (except for the 2 hours he went to a friends- we are still heavily in the diapers for anytime outside the house), plus he initiated twice more besides the incident above. He did have one little accident, but it was in the late evening, and it was just a little bit. Woo Hoo!

So I am seeing progress with Jack. Major progress. The kind that gives me hope and motivation. We won't think about Aidan, just focus on the progress with Jack.

And there you have it. Like sand in the hourglass, so are the pees and poops in our potty.


Cecilee said...

Congrats!! I figured out after Jenna that you just have to wait it out with kids and potty training. If there's screaming and crying, just forget about it. Try again in 2-4 weeks. If screaming resumes, try in another 2-4 weeks (Jenna wasn't potty trained until 4 years and 2 months old). I just figured I wouldn't start stessing until she was ready for kindergarten. I know I'm telling you what you already know. Anyway, I am so happy for you! Isn't it funny how you can be so happy about poop? ;o) Just one more weird thing about Motherhood.

Mary Kate said...

Too funny Shanna! Congrats on having success with one! my motto was always "if it is too much work on Mama then they aren't ready!"
Good luck!:) Oh...and I could hear the theme song for Days of our lives....too bad blogs don't have sound effects when you are reading them!

Adam and Lisa said...

Yay! I told you about how I watched Jon & Kate plus 8 and how they were potty training their kids. Yikes! Just be glad you don't have that mess! (Literally!)

Shanna said...

Oh, thank you Cecilee!! I hear all the time "It's ok if they are 3". But they are almost 3.5, and I was starting to get worried. It helps to know that Jenna was older. I think Jack is really ready, but Aidan might take a while...

Erika said...

Congrats on the progress with Jack! I haven't even began to attempt it with my girls...
And I loved the nod to Days of Our Lives!