Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dora, we hail thee

In an effort to eliminate parental guilt about childhood obesity and to get kids off the couch and encourage them to be more active, while at the same time keeping the kids glued to the tv watching cartoons, todays cartoons are much more advanced than in my day. They encourage kids to 'get up and dance' 'say it with me' and 'jump!'. My kids are way too sophisticated for these mundane tricks, and will continue to lay like slugs while watching the cartoon characters exhibit whatever movement they are trying to encourage. It always seems pretty silly to me when Mickey Mouse will face the camera and ask them questions. And the kids have never fallen for it before.

Until Dora.

This chick is captivating.

They will do whatever she says. When Dora commands "say cuidado", my kids answer "ee-a-oh". Dora responds "Louder", and I hear "Ee-A-Oh". Louder, this girl says, and we hear "**EEEEEEE-AAAAAA-OOOOOOH**". Screamed at the top of their lungs. When she wants them to jump, they jump. When she asks a question, they answer. The power this girl has!! Maybe its the little glimpse of belly they get when she raises her arms and jumps? Maybe the mystery of words that have no meaning to them? Her little monkey friend? The fact that her parents are no where around? Maybe they relate to the fact that none of her clothes match? I have no idea, but boy, they love Dora.

Their reactions to other cartoons:

Backyardigans: "Mommy, why won't they stop singing?"

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: fits of giggles when Mickey 'shakes his bum' in the intro. No interest after that.

Teletubbies: slugs

Caillou: slugs

Meteor, the monster truck: slugs, but then they practice the moves later with their own monster trucks

Pretty much everything else: slugs


Astarte said...

My kids were the same way! Patrick in particular would shout at the TV and sing along, but only with Dora. Caillou could go hang himself, but Dora had the magic. Diego, too, could get him going. I wonder if it's because those shows are a lot less condescending than the other ones?

Melinda & Matt said...

we never got that reaction from Dora or Diego--but Mickey Mouse has Alex in the palm of his hand :) He would jump off a cliff if Mickey told him to.

James and Ali said...

HA HA! I am totally laughing right now. "Dorda" is the twins favorite. They totally do whatever she tells them to!

thevillamorfamily said...

You are a very good wtiter!! I was LOL!
Caliou makes me nauseated but the Backyardigans get me dancing! Oh how I miss those days! Now my kids like to watch the dumb tween shows but some are forbidden(like the ones where the boys and girls kiss!) Ahhhh....don't allow them to grow-up!

ali said...

um, and what's with asking them to "say it louder?" Why can't we say it softer, or slower or faster? Must we encourage our kids to be louder?!?

I always laughed too when Gabe would watch these kind of shows because he would also sit and stare whenever they asked him to do things. I thought it was funny that the creators of that show put so much effort into activating kids, and turns out it didn't work :)

And, I have a post in the making about how much Greta loves Diego. What a dynamic duo!

Kelly said...

Yes, I discovered Dora a little too late for my kids. They watched it a little while but now they are too big. I look forward to Dora with Eli, and Go Diego!

Andy & Jessica said...

Seth LOVES Dora!! Isaac is getting a little to old for it, but he did love it a few years ago.

Cecilee said...

We've never watched Dora.... HORRORS! We must try it. We have a Dora potty seat and Dora crocs, but have never watched her show.