Monday, July 14, 2008

The downside

Ha! I bet you all were thinking that after 23 (yes, I counted) posts about potty-training, I wouldn't be able to come up with *ANOTHER* one!! Ok, maybe you were just *hoping* I wouldn't come up with another one, BUT I DID!

The downside.

I am super-happy to have them getting all their fluids in the pot. I am super happy to not buy diapers by the truckload. I am super happy to not have to wipe all said fluids with just a thin wet cloth between my hand and you-know-what. But there are a few negatives. (In no particular order).

  • I now know the location of every single potty in every single public location we ever go to. Betcha didn't know that our super Wal-mart has 2, didja?? And OHMYGOODNESS THANKHEAVENSTHEYDO! Because it was a moment of panic when my 3 year old needs to go, and can't really figure out the whole 'hold it in' thing yet, and I am in the very back of the store with 3 kids and trying to calculate how fast I can run all the way to the very front, while dragging all 3 with me. But there is also one in the back. Thank goodness.
  • I am also realizing that even though my boys are 3, and their pants are size 18-24 months, those diapers were doing a LOT of the 'holding up the pants' work. Because now we have a lot of fally-down pants that used to be stay-up pants.
  • I now say the phrase "OK- hold it in and RUN!" at least 57 times a day.
  • They now know that 'I gotta go potty' is the only way they can get out of bed without getting in trouble. Even if they say it 4 times, and Mommy seems like she is getting mad, she will supress it and say 'good job'. And boy, do they use this bit of knowledge.
  • Dirty public toilets. YUCK!! We came across one the other day, and I very quickly tried to teach Jack to stand and pee, but he was so distraught that then he couldn't go at all. And I almost always have all 3 in the stall with me, so the two that aren't on the pot get to touch and grab EVERYTHING while waiting their turn.
  • I now have to let them wash their hands play in the water after every experience.
  • No more car trips longer than 10 minutes. They just can't do it.
  • They are getting picky about underwear. NO! I want THOMAS underwear! Not THAT Thomas! The other one! NO! I like SPIDERMAN! Thomas is AIDANS- not MINE! Didn't have this issue with diapers.

I think that is all, but just for fun, LETS PUT A FEW MORE WORDS IN ALL CAPS. Just because I LIKE TO!!!

***as a side note, Kydon took the camera on his trip, so no pics for 2 weeks. That's ok, it is the end of the post, so you can leave to find some tissue for the tears.


Melinda & Matt said...

I loved the part about knowing where all the bathrooms are....I found out that DCU has a bathroom--just for employees (and really little kids that have to go really badly)--but an employee has to leave the long line of customers to walk you to the bathroom and stay outside the door while you are there!

Shanna said...

Oh cool- then they could hear my conversations. Those are lovely. Remind me not to go to DCU! :)

TheVillamorFamily said...

I remember those downsides....especially the riding in the car!!! oh man that was the hardest! And the yucky bathrooms!!

Thanks for sending the newspaper article! I am so glad we didn't go on the 4th and I am wondering what it will be like over Labor Day....oh well...better planning on my part for next year!

congrats on making it this far with the boys!!

Cecilee said...

Ok, I am laughing so hard! Its kind of like someone told me when Jenna was born and she had colick and was up screaming all night and I was a zombie all the time: "It never gets better. It just gets different." I hated that person (I don't even remember who it was that told me this), but it is somewhat true. Once kids get over one thing, there's something else. I do have to add that Jenna is WAY better than she used to be so it isn't totally true what that person said, but its true that there will always be challenges with kids!!! Good thing we love them so much.

Rebecca said...

I'm LOL about the fally down pants. We experienced that same thing with Eric and Mark...

Shanna said...

MK- I bet that Labor Day will be way better after that article in the newspaper! Hopefully they will improve things! Plus I'm sure it won't be as crowded!

Cecilee- what is UP with people telling you it won't get better? I have had SO many people tell me that. Maybe just that misery loves company? But even if it is true, don't tell people that! Hope that it will get better is the only thing that gets me through some of these days! Why take away someone's hope??

ali said...

yes--you never want to call their bluff when they say they have to go potty, even when you KNOW they don't. Fun times.