Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pizza with kids

This is one of my favorite dinners to do, and it is even better with kids. I give them each a small-ish piece of pizza dough, which they have fun playing with, smashing, rolling, and squishing. They play while I cut up all the toppings, and then they each get to choose what and how much of each thing to put on. They have a lot of fun, and they love eating something that they made themselves.
Not the greatest picture in the world, but it shows some of our topping choices.
What the kids came up with- Jack, then Aidan, then Abigail's creation.

Enjoying the results.
After they make theirs, I take the rest of the dough and toppings, and make a pizza for the rest of us. Yummy, easy, and lots of veggies. What more could you ask from dinner?

Some tips: I love using frozen pizza dough. It is so easy! My sister has a Sam's club membership, and she asks at the deli, and they sell her a whole box of frozen dough, which we split. I think it works out to about $0.83 for each ball of dough.

When the kids play with the dough, I used to use flour to keep it from sticking, but the flour was very messy. This time I just sprayed each of their hands with some no-stick spray, and it worked great.

Also, after I put the sauce on, I sprinkle wheat germ on it. You can't even tell it is there, and I love to add wheat germ to things.

And, just to make sure you don't think it is all roses, there is a lot of 'management' involved to have any successful activity. In order for things to not get completely out of control, if they are doing something they shouldn't, I give them a warning. The next time it happens, they have to get down from the chairs for a minute or two. This is usually enough to keep things in check.

Examples of thing they try to do that I don't approve of: using their shoe (still attached to the foot) to really flatten out the dough, sticking their fist into the sauce, grabbing dough/toppings/hair that belongs to anyone else, and throwing any of the things within their reach.

Things that I don't approve of, but bite my tongue and let them anyway: putting a huge pile of onions in one spot, putting cheese on at the end instead of right after the sauce, licking the dough as you are playing with it, and using your elbow to put just the right 'mark' on the pizza.


Astarte said...

I love how fun that looks!!! I've been thinking about re-upping my membership at Sams, and the dough thing might just do it. I'm also impressed by the variety of things that the kids want to put on.

Jen said...

My kids LOVE doing this too. Granted they are a bit older and easier to manage than yours, but they still love it. I'm gonna be really sad when they decide they are too old for some of the little kid things that they still like right now.

ali said...

I'm totally impressed with your mothering skills. this sounds like one of those great things that I should be doing but regretfully haven't yet. And, actually, the pizza's look pretty tasty!

Rebecca said...

SO fun!! I'm thinking about getting the dough from Sams too. I always want to make homemade pizza dough but never get around to it. We will have to do this soon!

Colleen said...

I love those kids, and their mom and dad -- they are so much fun.