Thursday, July 10, 2008

Technology dependence of the next generation

I sometimes think about my own dependence on technology. DVR, Internet, Cell phones, this list could go on and on and on. But then the other day I thought about my kids. If I am this dependant, think about how the next generation will be.

For example: For Kydon's most recent birthday, my mom got him something he has been wanting for a while- a weather station. You put a little thing outside, and it transmits information to a screen inside. It tells you temperature, weather, and probably a few more things, but honestly I don't really look at it that much.

We have it mounted in our breakfast room. And the kids love it. They live and breathe by what it says will happen with the weather (luckily the weather prediction is in pictures). It claims to be accurate 70% of the time. I would guess it is more like 5%. But don't tell the kids. They believe it. No matter what. Forget the fact that this room has 3 of its 3 walls covered in windows. And a glass door. They could very easily look outside and *see* the weather. But, no, they only believe the little screen with a picture of a cloud, or sun, as the case may be.

If it changes though out the day, they run to me very excited "Mommy!! It SUNSHINE!" or "Mommy! It raining now!" Sometimes I try to correct them with reality. "It isn't raining. Look outside- the sun is shining, and the sky is blue. I don't even see any clouds. Look!" But they will have nothing to do with it "No Mommy, it raining. Look at the Wedder"


Colleen said...

You know, if it is in print or pictures it is true!

Rebecca said...

Hehehe! That is cute! And funny! And yes, this generation is going to be very technology dependent!

The Petersons said...

I've thought about this too. I don't think we could go a day in our house without the tv or phone or whatever. I think I'm worse than my kids. That's hilarious about the weder!

Astarte said...

At least now we know where local weather people get THEIR information!!! I swear, half of THEM never look out the window, either! LOL