Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Calling for Backup

Yesterday was one of those days where I had all sorts of plans and projects and fun things with the kids planned down almost to the minute for the whole day. Then, before we could even eat breakfast, we noticed something strange on one of the kids (side note: I won't be posting details here, so if you want to know more, send me an email) and ended up spending the day visiting doctors, emergency room, and then coming home to crash for a few hours. A day spent with stress and worry and a little craziness. (Second side note: Everyone is fine).

Last night as I was recovering (a la eating brownies and ice cream), I started thinking about how grateful I was for all the "Back up" we have. I had a husband who was able to stay home from work, take care of kids, be at the hospital with me, let me take a nap. I have a wonderful brother in law and friend who were willing and happy to take over and help with kids all day long. And do so with fun and good times.

I have a mom who coordinated to take care of the other two kids with herself and my sister in law. We ended up not needed that plan, but it was there if we did. She also stopped by just to make sure everything was ok. I have 2 other sisters who would have dropped everything to help if we had needed it. And I never even got to the point of calling the 5 or 6 friends who I could have called if needed.

I was able to spend the day completely worried and stressed about one child, and hardly even had a thought about the other two. I knew they were well taken care of, and beyond that, having a fun time with people they adore. I didn't have to think or worry about them. And when I came home, and was exhausted from being up all night and stressed all day, I took a nap for about 3 hours, not even worrying about any of them.

It makes me realize even more how connected and dependant we all are on one another. When a crisis comes up, there is an entire network of people to help and support each other. I am grateful to all those in my network, and I hope I don't need to use it again for a long, long time.


Mary Kate said...

glad everything is alright!

what a wonderful network!

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

Ok... now I am really curious... I realize I am commenting way after the fact! Glad that all was ok! My family is close by too and the few emergencies we have had, they have totally saved the day.