Monday, August 25, 2008

The Problem With Making Plans Ahead of Time

Is that it always seems like the event is far away. Like back in May? April? When my family decided to have a get-together in the North GA mountains over Labor Day. Sure! Sounds fun! I will think about it in August.

Or two weeks ago, when we discussed who would sleep where and meals and all that fun stuff. Sure! Sounds fun! I will think about it in 2 weeks.

Then tonight I was thinking about Kydon being in school again this weekend, and I should come up with something for us to do so I don't go crazy. And then, OH NO- that far away weekend thing is THIS WEEK! I have to leave to go there in, like, 2 days!! And I haven't even thought about it! Not good! And WAY too many all cap words and exclamation points!!!!!!!

Here is my list of things I have to get together in 2 days (and please note that I can barely get myself dressed and looking presentable most days, forget accomplishing anything else).
  • Grocery shop, get all the food for the meals I am providing, plus snacks and drinks, and exactly how much diet coke will I need for 3 days?? On vacation, without Kydon? 2 cases? Four?
  • Pack: Clothes, shoes, etc. for me, Abigail, Aidan and Jack. Plan to bring plenty of extra for all the dirty-ness we will be reveling in.
  • Wash laundry so that I can do above packing.
  • Find and bring bedding, sheets, towels, pillows, etc because we are staying at a cabin without those things.
  • Do more laundry so I can bring above linens.
  • Don't forget soap, shampoo and what-not, just in case I don't have enough to remember.
  • Hunt through long lost camping gear to find marshmallow roasting sticks
  • Find and charge camera battery. For blogging purposes, not for preserving memory purposes, :)
  • Finish reading Breaking Dawn for the second time, because I just won't have time while on vacation, and even the second time around, it is totally sucking me in!

Plus I have to take care of all the phone calls I agreed to do this week, because I didn't have anything going on!! I can't believe this has come up so quickly with almost no thought from me. And I can't believe that I am sitting here posting when I should be running around doing some of these things! Actually, I can believe the last one.


Colleen said...

Yeah, and I am reading your post when I should be cleaning my house, buying food, packing and getting ready also!

Rebecca said...

ACK!!! I hope you all have loads of fun! Things creep up on me too... it's hard to get it all done. And I'd go for 4 cases of DC... you can never be too prepared in that regard :)

Cecilee said...

Don't you hate the way "FUN" things turn into work? Sometimes I start dreading those "fun vacation" days we have planned. Its like my friend Melissa says: "there are no vacations, just trips." There's just so much to do before and after. I guess its worth the memories though once you get there. Good luck on getting everything done!

Melinda & Matt said...

ok--thanks for reminding me of all the things I have to do by tomorrow night....I had blissfully blocked out the fact that we were really leaving this thursday morning!

Astarte said...

Oh no, oh no!!!! This ALWAYS happens to me, too. I mean, it's not like you can pack too far ahead, anyway, but you're right, it's the mental packing beforehand that makes the actual day go smoother.