Sunday, August 17, 2008

Self Portrait

Abigail has recently learned that she can take pictures using our camera. I knew that this day would come, that she wouldn't be satisfied with just looking at the pictures we took, but get the idea that she could take them herself. So I try to let her, sometimes, within close supervision. Usually she takes pictures of the TV, "so we can remember this".

Today she got the idea to take pictures of herself. She would very carefully line up the camera, make a crazy face, take the picture, then evaluate and see what needed to be improved. This was her favorite:
After she saw this picture she got so excited and was showing it to everyone, talking about how she got it just right!

I also liked this one:


Rebecca said...

That is SO cute! Mark loves to take pics too! We got him a VTech Camera for Christmas and he loves it (and also takes pics of the tv!)

Lisa said...

Those are adorable! Dallin's favorite thing to take pictures of seems to be my rear end. At least, after he's had the camera, I can count of finding dozens of not-so-flattering shots that seem to capture that part of me somewhere in the picture, even if he's trying to take a picture of something else.

erika said...

so cute! i love it!

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

Those are ADORABLE! I was using my cell phone once and realized that one of my kids had taken over 50 pictures on it of stuffed animals, Barbies and Hannah Montana posters.