Friday, August 1, 2008


I was tagged by Lisa!

1. The sink:

I can't wait to get our granite counter tops, big nice sink, and new faucets. The white and gold just is not my thing. Don't really have any timeline for when it will happen, but I hope it is soon...

2. Toilet:

Didn't really thing anyone really wants to see my toilet. Right?? It is just your basic white porcelain. So I thought I would show another decorating disaster that I can't wait to fix. Pink and cream stripes with gold flecks. And more gold faucets and framed mirror. The previous decorator in this house must have hit a bargain sale on all the awful gold.

3. Laundry Room:

One of the most used rooms of the house. Needs new floor and paint (hmm... didn't mean to turn this tag into a to-do list, but this is what I think of when I look at these pics). There are usually a lot more piles of clothes. :)

4. Inside fridge:
Kind of empty... time to go grocery shopping!

5. What are your kids/spouse doing right now?

Kydon is at work. Aidan is fixing his "Marta Train" (bike) with his "tools" (straw).

Abigail is making slides to perform gymnastic tricks with the couch cushions.
It is 9 am, and since Jack didn't sleep last night (trying to do night time potty training, and he couldn't go back to sleep after I woke him to go), he is still sleeping.

6. Favorite shoes:
I had a hard time picking a favorite. I don't wear these very often, so I don't know if they are my favorite from that standpoint, but I do like them a lot and think they are cute.

7. Favorite room:

I love Jack and Aidan's room. It is well painted, cute with black bear decorations, and has good furniture.

8. Closet:

Pretty empty. I recently took out 8 bags of old clothes to goodwill. Also kind of sad to see my sewing machine all packed up on the floor and the sewing supplies in bins at the top. I wish they were out and being used!! Maybe one day...

9. Dream vacation:

I can't just pick one! I would LOVE to visit so many places- Germany, Italy, China, Australia, Egypt, Mexico, Spain, Brazil... it might be easier to say places I don't want to see! :)

10. Self portrait:

I'm not going to tag anyone, because this was way harder than I thought!


amy said...

Shanna my friend,you look all grown up!

Shanna said...

That is really funny that you say that, because that is exactly the thought I had when I looked at this picture!