Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Yummy. That is how I think of the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. The first book, Twilight, started slightly slow, but when you get hooked, there is no going back. Twilight was... yummy. New Moon, yummy. Eclipse, well, just yummy. And Breaking Dawn? Yep, yummy.

(*side note: now that I have typed and read yummy about 7 times, it is starting too look like a really strange, odd word. Yes? No? Ok, what was I talking about??)

I liked Breaking Dawn. Stephenie Meyer is a fantastic storyteller with a fabulous, fun story to tell. And really great characters. These books are THICK. But with only about 10 words per page, and double spacing, you can read these 700 page monsters in a week, easy. For most of us Twilight fans, it only takes a day or two. I am going to try to review it without giving too much away, for those who still haven't read it!

Things I loved about Breaking Dawn specifically:
  • I finally liked the Bella character. I didn't dislike her before, but I just didn't quite 'get' her. But now I do. And I liked her. A lot. I thought she improved greatly in this book.

  • I like that as the ending book in the series, it ended. Definitively. I don't have a lot of "but what about this" running through my head. I liked that it was all tied up in a neat little bow (even if getting there was a little too good to be true in some places). I liked that it ended, and it was happy. That is how I wanted it to end.

  • I like that Bella had a power. And I LOVED what it was. It made her other little quirks make sense, and it totally fit who she was. Great job with that, Stephenie, because I have been thinking for about a year about what it could be, and all the things I came up with weren't nearly as great as what it ended up being.

  • I liked that she finally gave up even mentioning the stupid 'human friends' of Bella's. Let's face it- they were never even friends!! Give it up already!! And she did.

  • I liked seeing Edward stressed out a little. Haven't seen much of that, and it was pretty fun.

  • I like that they are written for young adults, and it is just like a little fun treat to read them. It doesn't tax my brain, or make me think to much, it is just a fun little world that I can think about now and then. Like a yummy little chocolate covered rice crispy treat for my brain.

Things I didn't like about Breaking Dawn:

  • Foreshadowing. Ok, foreshadowing is one thing. Beating me over the head with it was quite another. By the time each of the plot "twists" happened, I felt relief, just because she could stop all the hinting telling you what was coming. Enough already. And I have talked to people who weren't surprised by the first twist, but were by the second. Are you people kidding?? The only explanation I have for that is that you were reading it so fast that you didn't process all the words, because COME ON!!

  • Second only to the annoying foreshadowing was the annoying NAME. You all know what I am talking about. Take the two worst names in the book, and combine them to form the super-horrible yucky name, then reject all the semi-cute nicknames. Ugh. Hated it.

  • I am still not loving Stephenie's writing. I think she is a fantastic story-teller, with an amazing story, but her writing is ehh.

If you have not read this series, I would really encourage you to do so. The wonderful world of humans, vampires and werewolves is not one you will want to leave! Thank you Stephenie Meyer, for sharing your thrilling dream with the rest of us!

**And Rebecca, if you haven't read it yet, I can send mine to you as soon as I finish my second reading of it! Just let me know!


Melinda & Matt said...

I totally agree with you on everything! As I've gone back and read it again, I find other things that I must have missed the first time--lots of funny side comments.

Astarte said...

You are the first person I've read who actually liked this one (not that I go around looking for writings on this, so I'm sure there are millions of happy fans out there!!!). I didn't like this one *at all*. The foreshadowing, the Name, the overblown emotional stuff... eeh. I read that the publisher had been pressuring her to get this one out this year, so I'm wondering if that affected the quality of the writing?

I agree with you about the power, though, and the dropping of the human friends. About time. Also, they are TOTALLY little chocolates, and I have absolutely gobbled them up like that!

Rebecca said...

I have not read it yet... I saw it and almost bought it... but didn't. :) So, yea, I would like to borrow it. I could use some fluff for my brain. (And I MIGHT even have time to read now that the big boys are in school.)

Shanna said...

I sort of wondered if maybe she was *done* writing this series, but just wanted to finish it out, either from pressure from fans, or her publisher or something? Sort of more of a forced book than the other two. Trying to get it done quickly would make sense too. :)

ali said...

I agree with everything you said!! And I want to add, that along with the foreshadowing that was annoying, so was the flashbacks to "catch the reader up." It totally messed up the flow of the book, it really felt forced and out of place. I hate that. BTW, does it show that I check your blog like three times a day?

Jen said...

I'm totally with you on hating that stupid name...I mean come on!!

I have to say that I really didn't enjoy this book as much as I'd hoped I would. I liked that it had a happily ever after ending, but it all seemed too easy and convenient to me. I did like Bella's power and that she finally got to quit being the damsel in distress--that made her much less annoying.

I really wish it had got to the ending in a different way--like taking down the tyranny of the volturi or something like that would have been cool. You know so that they never have to worry about being hounded by them ever again.

I agree with you that this book seemed forced/rushed/unpolished.

So, now I have to find the time to read The Host...

Trent Family said...




I was only disappointed that there was no fight at the end. I was really looking forward to it.

erika said...

i agree with you on the stupid name. and i was hoping for a more climactic ending...but all in all i LOVED LOVED LOVED it so much more than i thought i would! before i read this book, i wasn't that excited about the movie coming out, but now that i am done reading the book and loved it, i CAN'T WAIT for the movie! it's almost like the obsession has started all over again :)
also, i loved reading about abigail's first day of preschool. she is cuter than cute! and you are a great mom. i'm always so impressed with what a great job you do.

Cecilee said...

I think everyone is agreeing with what you said about the books. I just barely finished reading Breaking Dawn. I hate the way I totally miss all the characters when I'm done reading. Its like some good friends have moved away and I don't get to talk to them anymore. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this last book. I was thinking it would bug me a lot (and parts of it really did). I thought the beginning was pretty boring and predictable, but once it got into the meat of things it was so much better. THen the ending was phenomonal. I was glad they didn't have a huge fight actually because there's no way they could have gotten away without any casualties. I think it also kept things open for another book (or series) down the road. Of course I also HATED the name. Paleaase!! It was horrible.

Rachel said...

There's not much more I can say that other people haven't already said. I loved the book but it did have some weird things in it. The second section kept freaking me out because I had to keep remembering who was talking. Yeah, the name had to go. I didn't like the nickname either. It was pretty predictable. I thought the first twist was going to happen when I finished eclipse. I've already re-read it a few times. I already miss my characters. I hope the movie is just as good as the books!

Opp Family said...

I loved it too! and I also HATED the name - YUCK! It was still a fun read - I look forward to an Edward perspective.

Holly Schwendiman said...

Oh honey if you only knew the avenues I've exhausted discussing this book and her entire series...it's down right embarrassing.


Mary Kate said...

I have only found John Grishom's books to hold my interest...but these did and like everyone else said I didn't want them to end! I hated the name, thought her getting pregnant was a little too sci-fi for me, wished it would have been a little more suspenseful at the end(maybe let jacob take baby away using the passport she got?...but then it would have been 1000 pages!). I dont' care for books with fluff....there were many times I would just read the first sentence in each paragraph just to get through it! Loved the way it ended though.