Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2nd Bento Box

Here is my second Bento Box! Very simple- carrots in the bottom, a small tomato, string cheese and rasin kabobs (I know it looks like marshmallows, but I promise it is cheese), and a cut up hot dog with a mustard face. And some chocolate chips in a napkin tied with ribbon. It only took about 5 minutes to assemble this meal, probably the same as if I had just put it in like a regular lunch. I also like this method because it doesn't use any plastic disposable bags. And I bet I will like it even better when my cute little boxes finally come!

You can see my first attempt here.
Follow up: She ate the whole thing! There were maybe 3 carrots and 2 rasins in her bowl when I went to wash it, and she said "Mom, can you make that lunch next week too?" A success for sure!


Sue said...

Those mustard faces are the CUTEST!! I want you to make MY lunch! You have to keep posting these! They are giving me good ideas.

Rebecca said...

SO awesome!! I ordered some stuff off that site too & I can't wait to get them!! The kids usually eat lunch that the school serves, but I've been volunteering on Wednesday's and bringing lunch to eat with them & these are GREAT ideas. I'm so doing the hotdog guys! Super cute!