Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bento Boxes

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I have a friend who used to say "If it is worth doing, it is worth overdoing". Sometimes I follow that philosophy.

We signed Abigail up for 'lunch bunch' at her preschool. We pay a little extra, and one day a week, she gets to bring a lunch and eat with her friends. We decided at first not to sign her up. I didn't want to pay the extra, and 3 hours is enough time for her to be gone- I start to miss her, and I want her back with me! But ALLLLLLL her friends were doing it. And she reallllllllly wanted to join in. We told her 'no' a few times, but my goodness, she just wanted it so badly. So we caved struck a deal. If she kept her room clean, we would sign her up. So we did. And she absolutely loved it. She spent 6 days telling us how excited she was, then she spent an entire morning grinning and floating in anticipation, then she spent an entire afternoon talking about how WONDERFUL it was, and how she loved it SO much. She declared it "the best day EVER".

So, anyway, enough of the cuteness, back to the point of my post. So Tuesday night I needed to pack her a little lunch. And, if it is worth doing, it is worth over-doing, right? :) I had heard a few things about Japanese Bento Boxes. Basically, it is just a boxed lunch, but it is small, and a little healthier, and sometimes really, really cute.

Like this:

Aren't those totally adorable??? Mine didn't turn out quite as cute as these. I hadn't thought of doing it until right as I was making it, so I just had to use a few things that I had on hand. But it was fun!! I totally loved doing it! Here was Abigail's first "school lunch":

I put in rice, carrots, ham that I shaped like a fan, and some cheese cut in the letter 'A', since they are working on letters in preschool. Of course, since I am American, and it just didn't seem like enough food, I also sent a container of fruit, and some chocolate chips wrapped up really cute. But when she came home, she had only eaten 1/2 of the carrots and none of the rice, so she had more than enough to eat. Next week I will limit the amount to what fits in the box.

I used just a regular tupperware, but then I found this website, and the super-cute Bento boxes are only $1.50! I will be placing my order very soon!

I already have a bunch of ideas for next week! I can't wait! And you can do 'theme' ones, like for Christmas or whatever! Not sure how long this little obsession will last- probably less than the scrapbooking phase and longer than the needlepunch phase. But it is fun for now!

If you want to read more about it, and see some great ideas, I have been loving this site.


The Hull's said...

I just your blog.. This is Cindy from the lds adoptive parents group. You have such cute ideas and I just love to read your blog. You are creative person.. I'm not.. Anyway come check out my blog if you want..

Jen said...

You are so ambitious! My kids are down to making their own lunches..that's what a great mom I am...I'll have to check this out though--my kids are sick of sandwiches

James and Ali said...

What a good mom you are! That is the cutest idea ever. I love your philosophy too...I mught need to adopt that way of thinking. :-)

Rebecca said...

That is a great idea! SO cute!! And Bento boxes for 1.50? I'm off to check that out! You are so awesome and creative.

Jennifer Ricker said...

Hi Shanna, I grew up and graduated HS with your husband...I think I got the link to your blog from Valeni. Anyway, I've been blog stalking you for a while cause your posts are just too cute! If you don't already have this site, it's very cool for bento inspirations...
tell Kydon Jennifer Sizemore says hello!

Cecilee said...

Super cute!! I will have to try it one of these days when I get really ambitious (and desperate for my kids to eat).

Astarte said...

O!M!G! That is SO CUTE!!!!! I love the egg with the eyes!!!!! You are a wonder of creativity!!!

Mary Kate said...


This year I keep my preschool students an extra hour so they pack their lunches. It is so much fun for them! I love watching them interact and they love show each other what they brought!! They harldy eat-just snack while they discuss the finer things in life like the fact that the surfer on their capri-sun drink doesn't have shorts on.

Family-fun magazine's website has cute lunch ideas too.