Monday, September 29, 2008

Funny moment recaps

We've had a few funny moments/phrases recently, I thought I would combine them into a post.


We started a carpool for her preschool with another little girl named (of course) Abigail. Our Abigail was trying to explain this phenomenon to Jack and Aidan: "Boys, her name is Abigail, but she doesn't look like me"

We were sitting down at a park, and Jack and Aidan started running toward us. She looked at me and said "Oh no, Mommy- here come the twins!"

I picked her up from preschool. When her teacher put her in the car, she had a funny gleam in her eye. Once the door was shut, she started giggling almost uncontrollably. She almost couldn't tell me about the joke she was playing on me- during their playground time, her and a friend had caught a bug. She held it secretly in her hand the rest of the time (because her teacher would have made her throw it down), and she took a bug into our CAR!!! It was so funny to see how much she was laughing about this little trick! I might have a practical joker in the making! :)


Sharing his secret of escape with Abigail. The boys had escaped their church class (hello- teacher-what the heck? But that is a different post) and went outside to play. Abigail was quite fascinated with finding out how did you DO that? Jack was happy to share- "You have to be berry, berry qwiet".

This isn't really a saying, but he LOVES orange. He has always liked Auburn, but since we went to the game, he will only wear orange clothes, only eat orange food, and will only use orange dishes. He likes to say "I weally wuv orshange"


When he doesn't know something "I can't know"

When asking me for something "Mommy, why you NOT getting me .... (fill in the blank)". He says this always at the top of his lungs, in a very demanding tone. Ok, this is actually really annoying and infuriating, but I'm hoping that one day I will be able to laugh about it. :)

This might be embarrassing, but it was so funny I can't help but write it. We were at my mom's yesterday, and Aidan jumped up to run for the potty. Never one to put things off, he started mid-run to pull his pants down. As he ran by the dog, he yanked them back up and said "Mitzi! Don't see my bum!"

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Rebecca said...

They really are SO cute! I can't believe Jack & Aidan escaped out of class! How scary! I'm glad they were found & SAFE! I second your What the heck to the teacher! Crazy!