Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Fun

Over the Labor Day weekend, we went with all my family to a State Park, and stayed all together for a family reunion of sorts. I say of sorts, because we mostly see each other all the time, usually once a week or so, but I do have one sister that lives very far away, and she was here for this vacation.

It was a lot of fun!

We stayed in a group cabin, that was set up for big groups, like a big lodge. It slept 40, had plenty of space to eat and hang out, had a huge nice kitchen, a fire pit, and a big grassy area to play and run around in. We went up Thursday night, had a campfire, talked, and then went to bed. Friday we did some hiking, which was mostly stairs (we read that it was around 500 steps), and saw some really beautiful waterfalls. Luckily it rained last week, because the waterfalls were dry 2 weeks ago, but they were amazing when we saw them. Jack did great on the hike. I think we carried him only about 10 min or so (we hiked about an hour). Aidan got carried for most of the time, and Abigail found that asking her Aunt Jennifer in a really nice voice usually got her what she wanted, so she spent most of the hike riding on Jennifer's back.

We also found an apple tree, and while I was expecting them to taste really bitter, they actually were pretty good, and we spent quite a bit of time throwing brooms into the tree trying to knock down the fruit. Caroline created the 'quote of the trip' by declaring that "this is how the indians picked apples". It was fun for everyone, since the adults liked chucking the brooms into the tree, and the kids liked watching and laughing when all the apples would fall. I want to make applesauce this week with what we brought home. Kydon was there on Thurs and some of the day Friday, then left Friday afternoon to get to school.

Saturday we drove about 20 minutes into Chattanooga, and enjoyed some man-made fun. We split up into different groups, some going to the children's museum, some to the IMAX, and some took a river boat. We had already been to the aquarium this year, and we went to the children's museum just a few weeks ago, so we went to the IMAX. I liked it, it was about whales and dolphins, but it wasn't the best IMAX movie I had seen. It needed more of a story, or some emotion. It was basically just beautiful pictures with a voice-over of facts. A little dry, Aidan fell asleep on my lap, and Jack fell asleep with his head in the bucket of popcorn. Abigail manifested her fatigue by jumping around, making noise, and driving me crazy.

The funnest part of Chattanooga was the splashing river that winds around the aquarium. The kids all had a great time splashing and playing and just having a great fun time.

After all the splashing and fun, we drove back to the cabin. We got there about 3, and spent the next 2.5 hours throwing tantrums. Abigail was tearing into everything she could find, destroying things, breaking things, being generally destructive and mischevious. Aidan was upset when any little thing didn't go exactly the way he wanted, and would scream and cry about it. Jack was not really crying or upset, but he would just completely ignore me, and not listen or obey anything I wanted him to do. All of that behavior, combined with very little sleep for 2 days, and general stress, caused me to also have a meltdown and throw a little tantrum of my own. Luckily after dinner, my parents took them for about an hour, and I finished my packing/gathering in peace, and got ready to leave. The drive home was really peaceful and nice, and was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

All in all, it was a fun trip. I really liked seeing and talking with my sister, and just spending time with everyone that was there. I had my camera the whole time, but I only pulled it out during the splash time. When I am doing something, it always seems like a pain to take pictures, but then when I get home, I always wish I had taken more. Oh well. Here are a few from the swimming time.

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Rebecca said...

They are SO cute! It looks like a really fun weekend for everyone.