Thursday, September 11, 2008


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In all of my busyness today, Abigail was coloring nicely at the table while I was cleaning out the car, cooking dinner, managing the boys, etc. etc. She said "Mommy, will you come color with me?" And thankfully, I did. I put down all I was doing, and stopped for a few minutes to color a picture of Dora. Something I don't do enough, and I'm trying to do more.

Here was part of our conversation:

Abigail: Wow, this sure is a hard picture to color, right?
Me: Yep, it sure is, but you are really good at coloring.
Abigail: You sure are lucky to have me so you don't have to color by yourself.
Me: Yes I am, honey, I really, really am.

And I really am. Lucky. The only word to describe it. Lucky to have a little 4 year old to color with. Lucky to have my car littered with toys, cracker crumbs and sippy cups. Lucky to not ever be bored. Lucky to have a family that needs dinner every night, and breakfast every morning, and a snack 5 seconds after we finish the dinner dishes. Lucky to have them climbing and hanging all over me. Lucky to have little ones to kiss and hug and play with me all day. I am lucky. Times three. And I try not to forget it.

Hanging on Mom and ready for bed-time milk.

Items cleaned out of the car- and it wasn't really all that dirty! 3 blankets, several pairs and 1/2 pairs of shoes, 5 toy phones, 5 sippy cups, and 11 (!) monster trucks. And a few other random toys.

Another self-portrait. Told you I was lucky!

Abigail took this one of Jack. So cute!


The Petersons said...

This had me laughing. The stash of stuff you cleaned out of the car looks very familiar! And, what a great attitude you have. I need to think more positively about things like you do more often.

BTW, I LOVE the lunch boxes, how cute!

amy said...

ok they are getting sooo big

Rebecca said...

Great post! I sometimes forget how lucky I am. Great job taking the time to sit down and color, and remembering how lucky you are. You are awesome!