Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The most exclusive party of the year

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Jack is quickly making his next birthday party an invitation-only, very exclusive event. Several people have already been blacklisted.

First, there was the little girl who pushed him down some stairs. She was off before she was even on the list.

Then, on our Labor Day trip, Caroline made the mistake of yelling and scaring Jack. He quickly ran to me with the news: "Mommy, Cawwo-wine NO come to my birfday party. I no inbite her". So she was off the list.

And Alex, thinking he was being funny, did the unpardonable. He called Jack a baby. I can barely write it, because it offends him to his core. He didn't think twice about cutting him out of the festivities.

And now Aidan. They bug each other a million times a day, but I guess yesterday Aidan crossed the line. Wherever it is, he went past it, and now he is off the list.

I live in fear (hope?) everyday that I will do something so horrible, so terrible, that I will no longer be invited. It isn't until NEXT MAY, so there is plenty of time to mess up. Please, cross your fingers that the rest of us will make it through the next several months and be able to come.


Mary Kate said...

too cute!! there is still hope!

Adam and Lisa said...

I am not sure if you knew this, but "baby Ewwie" is also off the list. Why? According to Jack, "Her no eat cake". I kindly offered to eat her cake for her. But Jack let me know in no uncertain terms that this was not acceptable. I guess Aidan and Ewwie can have their own birthday party!

Shanna said...

Ahh- thanks, I will be sure to cross her off! ;)

Shanna said...

I just verified with Jack- he said that Adam and Lisa could come, but not Baby Ewwie. Aidan (always concerned about Ellie), asked who would take care of her. Jack said that Grandpa could take care of her. I asked what about Grandpa coming to the party, and he said no. He gave me a long explanation with lots of details, but I only understood about 3 words, one of which was "wall". So Grandpa, apparently there was an incident involving a wall, and you get to babysit Ellie (and possibly assorted others), while some of us have a party. :)

Melinda & Matt said...

I guess my new baby will be off the list since he doesn't eat cake either....maybe grandpa and I can hang out with the rest of the rejects :) Have you reminded Jack that people that don't come to his party don't give presents?

Rebecca said...

I am laughing SO hard!! I can't stop. That Jack is TOO funny. Zack gets TOTALLY offended if you call him a baby. These silly 3 year olds!

Astarte said...

Awesome!!! It's like the Anti-Party!!!

I hope every year that I won't be invited to their parties, yet somehow I always seem to be #1 on the list.... sigh.