Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Think inside the (bento) box

My bento boxes came! They are so cute! I love the size- just right for a child's lunch. I was a little disappointed that the lids don't snap on tight. If they got bumped too much, they would come apart. They do sell a little strap that you can put around them, but it seems like they should just be able to make the lid fit tight! But overall I am really happy with them! And Abigail is very excited. She has been trying to play with them all week. And I totally love the little bag to carry it in.

The top says: Happy fruits is very delicious. I will eat this and will become fortunate all together! (I think it is so cute!)

Abigail got a wrap sandwich (tortilla, cream cheese, ham, cheese, lettuce), cucumbers cut out with a leaf cookie cutter, asparagus sprigs, orange slices, grapes, and some ginger snap cookies.

Kydon got leftover quesadillas from dinner, some cucumber slices, 2 asparagus sprigs, and some heart shaped ginger snap cookies.

**I will be posting future bento boxes on my food/recipe/meal plan blog, here. There is also a link on the right**


Kydon said...

Thanks Shanna! I just ate mine and it was great! Much more healthy than sandwich and fries at the cafe down stairs... and cheaper too!

Astarte said...

I've been hearing a lot about these lately - how are they different from, say, Gladware? I know there must be something fabulous about them, but I haven't seen one close up and personal yet.

Shanna said...

Not really any different. I use rubbermaid stuff for Kydon's lunches, so it really works the same. Actually, gladware is better with the tight-fitting lid. It just isn't the cute, pink, box from Japan. :)

Mary Kate said...

I wonder if the lids were made so the children could get them off easily?

I love the black and white print that the boxes are sitting on....is that your tablecloth?

Shanna said...

That is my table runner in the dining room... I got it from Hobby Lobby (also came in red).