Monday, September 15, 2008

When Death is Preceded by Torture

Today was a beautiful fall day. Warm, a little overcast so the sun wasn't too bright or hot, and there was a nice breeze blowing.

About 8:00 am, after breakfast, clean up, morning work, and watching a couple of TV shows (yep, all that was done before 8!), the kids headed outside for some play.

And they played for almost 4! hours! And they were all happy the whole time! No crying, no fighting, no hurting each other or driving each other crazy. It was heaven. I went back and forth, played some outside, did some housework, and talked to a friend on the phone.

First, they found a big bug on the deck. I can't tell you what it is called, but it looked very similar to this:

It was clinging to our door, and the kids thought it was the best thing EVER. They enjoyed poking it with sticks, running and screaming whenever it made any sort of movement, and then poking it with more sticks. They seemed to be having fun, so I went back to vacuuming.

About 2 minutes later, (I imagine it was a long 2 min for our bug friend) Abigail runs in to triumphantly tell me that she had successfully squashed him with her scooter. And a few minutes after that, Jack ran in to give me the very exciting news that they had found a jumping bug! I ran outside, with all the excitement he was expecting, to examine this most precious creature. I found a smallish grasshopper, who was missing one or more legs, thus enabling him to "jump" for the kids, but not jump enough to actually get away. And if you would have heard the squeals of delight, and great belly laughs of satisfaction, you would know that his torture did not go unappreciated. But he got squished too.

So then, wanting to capitalize on their new-found purpose, which was miraculously enabling them to all be in the same vicinity without screams, cries, and bruises, I gave them a box and told them to make a bug home, and find lots of bugs to put in it. I am pleased to say that they treated these bugs with utmost care and concern.
They found a "baby" snail, and searched diligently until they also found his mommy and daddy. Daddy turned out to be a roly-poly bug, but we won't go into the genetics. If these bugs were hungry, they were showered with leaves and grass and sticks. If they wanted something to hide on or under, the kids were thoughtful enough to chuck a few rocks at them. And when they showed signs of being dirty, they very nicely found a small bowl of water to bathe them in. I'm not sure how long they lasted alive, but I hope (for the bugs sake) that it wasn't long.
After bug torture, they pulled out some blankets and pillows for nap/play, and then we had an outdoor picnic, and then some swinging. It was such a beautiful morning, filled with great weather, happy kids, fun times, and some death and torture.


Melinda & Matt said...

love the pictures! Glad the kids had fun...hopefully the bugs died quickly :)

Astarte said...

Don't they look happy!!!!

I'm having a bug problem, if your little exterminators would like to make some money - giant crickets in the basement. They jump in a very satisfying way, at least if you're a kid or a dog. Oh, and also these long slug/caterpillar things. GROSS.

The Petersons said...

Hey, I just noticed your meal planning blog. Great idea! I hope you don't mind, but I linked it to my recipe blog.

Cecilee said...

I'm glad you had a nice, peaceful morning. I just keep thinking about your trip to the mall when the kids were running wild. It's good to know things aren't like that all the time. ;o)