Monday, September 1, 2008

Who would have ever thought?

Yay for bouncy balls! Not only do they keep my kids entertained for hours (as long as we have enough for everyone to have their own, and they are all the same color, and none get lost), but I have recently found a new use for them.

Starting back in April, I sat weird on my leg one day, and got an injury of some sort, a spot on the side of my leg that was sore and painful. I tried stretching, excersizing, and complaining. None of it worked. :) In June, I finally went to a massage therapist. She did a great job, and it mostly went away. Not 100% gone, but good enough that I could walk without pain. But it has steadily gotten worse and worse, until I was in a lot of pain again. So when my sister came to visit for Labor Day, I took advantage of her massage therapy background, and her extensive knowledge of all things to do with pain and your body, and asked her about it. She proceeded to tell me all about using a bouncy ball. And, because we play with them so much, I happened to have one in the car, and ran out to get it.

Basically, I just take a bouncy ball, stand next to a wall, and put the ball on the spot that is the most sore, then make slight movements to work it all around. And after just two days, and a total of about 10 min on the wall, my leg is totally pain free. It is amazing! Who knew that all those little things I have been picking up from under the couch for months could be the key to getting rid of all the pain! Yay!


Astarte said...

Wow!!!! That's great news! And here I thought all they were good for was collecting all the dog hair underneath things into a giant, bouncing furbee!

Rebecca said...

That is great! I'm so glad you found a way to relieve the pain.

Cecilee said...

Glad you are feeling better. Sounds weird, but I'm glad it worked.

So no details on the weekend? I hope you had a great time!