Monday, October 6, 2008

And when she was good, she was very, very good

Last week, we went once again to Stone Mountain. Abigail got an early morning bug to do work to earn some money. She wanted to do big jobs to earn "big money", meaning dollar bills and not change. So I had $4 in my wallet, and she kept working until she had all 4. She was so, so excited about going to Stone Mountain and buying something. She is always begging for things there- gum from the gumball machine, ice cream, toys from the shops, etc. I was a little nervous about Jack and Aidan wanting something when she bought her thing, but despite my encouragement, they wanted nothing to do with the 'work for money' program, preferring instead to drive monster trucks on the couch.

So we set off, I was still nervous, since I was fully prepared for tantrums from Jack and Aidan, but Abigail had worked so hard that I couldn't deny her doing what she wanted. On our plan was to watch a candy-making demonstration, since that was something we still hadn't done. As we talked about watching the candy, she got really excited about buying candy, and never once did she think about not sharing her money or candy with the boys. The entire drive, she was discussing with the boys about all the things they could buy, and what they could get with the money she earned.

They all chose big suckers! I was so proud of her for working hard all morning, then being so generous and loving with her two brothers.
I also got these shots of Jack riding the train.... I thought they were so cute! Abigail was sitting next to Aidan, with her arm around his shoulders. I tried to get some pictures, but they all turned out too dark to see. But it was really sweet.


Colleen said...

What a sweet girl, I sure love those kids.

Rebecca said...

How incredibly sweet!!!! I love to see kids when they are getting the concepts we teach them and act on it all on their own! Good job Abigail!

Rachel said...

Good job Abigail! I still don't think Preston has the concept of money down. He always tells us to buy something and if we say we don't have money he thinks we're lying. It's fun.

Valeni said...

What cute pictures....and so fun to read about Abigail being so good to share with her brothers. Hope we can see you all soon.