Monday, October 27, 2008

Future Careers

We have figured out the perfect career for Abigail. Something that will utilize her strengths, capture her interest, and capitalize on her talents.

We think she should go into mergers and acquisitions.

She likes to gather and acquire things. She likes to break things into pieces. And then she enjoys repackaging those things and handing them out. Perfect.

Of course, when we told her our idea, she informed us she was going to be in the circus.

Well, either way. :)


ali said...

Maybe she could merge and acquire circuses...

Rebecca said...

Hehe! Kids are SO funny! This cracks me up that she wants to be in the circus!

Astarte said...

Go, circus!!!

Patrick told me that he wants to be an astronaut firefighter who works at PetCo. Okey-dokey, then!