Thursday, October 9, 2008

If I ever have gray hair, I will know at least one came from Aidan

While Abigail was in preschool yesterday, Jack and Aidan were playing so nicely. I was talking on the phone to a friend, somewhat listening to them, and somewhat just letting them play and not paying close attention. Since everything was going so well, I talked on the phone until the very last minute before I had to leave to get Abigail. I hung up, and immediately went into 'hurry' mode.

Boys!! Get in the car! Quick! We have to go get Abigail! Hurry!!

Jack ran to the door, ready to get in. Aidan, not so much. So I run quickly upstairs, not there, run back down, hmmm.... not there. So, still yelling, and starting to offer candy and other prizes, because now I am worried we will be late. I run back upstairs, look in all the closets, rooms, bathrooms, under his bed, nowhere.

This is the boy who likes to play hide and seek, but will never 'hide' for more than 10 seconds before making noises so you can find him. Abigail will sit for hours in her spot, but Aidan likes to be found, very quickly.

Run back downstairs, look in all the rooms, backyard, garage, out the front door, basement, under tables, you get the idea. Nope, still can't find him. My brain is rushing through 3 scenarios, one is not being able to pick Abigail up from preschool, and she is there forever and waiting, and I can't go get her because I CAN'T FIND MY BOY, the second is that he ran out the front door and is somewhere in the neighborhood. Third scenario is that he got trapped somewhere, or can't breathe for some reason, and that is why he isn't making any noise.

I decide to run upstairs one last time before driving/running around the neighborhood. And as I was looking in the bathroom cabinets, I heard a small, very quiet, giggle. He was under Abigail's bed. I almost broke down in tears when I found him. I had been SO worried!! And he thought it was hilarious. His first time hiding without giving himself away or being found. He giggled all the way to preschool. And we were only a little late. But I was a wreck. And if I had any natural color left in my hair, it would be gray.

And Jack cried for a while, because the whole time I was running around, I was yelling that I would give him candy if he came out. And Jack was already out, and fully deserved candy. Except I didn't have any- I was just offering it out of desperation. Sorry Jack!


Astarte said...

Oh, holy crap!!!! How awful!!! I hate it when they pull stuff like that. He's a good hider, too, that little twerp. I'm glad everyone is safe. Don't feel bad about the candy. The kid practically gave you a heart attack!

Kelly said...

They just KILL you, but it is so innocent you can't be mad...even though you have every right to be. I feel your pain.