Thursday, October 30, 2008

A letter for Daddy

Jack was watching a TV show (a very, very rare occurance. We only watch tv once a week day hour). The show was talking about Daddies, and Jack started to be sad. He missed his Daddy!

Then he had a great idea- "I want to write Daddy a LETTER!" "A big letter"! So, since he is my favorite really, really cute, I was happy to help. I got paper and a pen, and asked what he wanted to write in the letter. He started getting upset, and frustrated. I only understand 3-year-olds 85% of the time, so I just was pushing through. "Ok, I will start. I will tell Daddy you miss him".

But he was mad, and this wasn't what he wanted. But he kept saying "I want to write Daddy a letter. A big letter", and I kept trying to help him write Daddy a big letter, but he kept getting upset.

Finally I figured it out. He just wanted to write Daddy a big letter. Not as in a note of words, but as in a letter of the alphabet. He picked J.

Daddy, this "J" is for you.


Rebecca said...

What a cute boy!! I think understanding a 3 year old 85% percent of the time is pretty great! :)

Adam and Lisa said...

That is so cute! Maybe he picked J for Jack :)