Thursday, October 23, 2008

What inspires you?

Earlier this week I had about 5 blog posts running through my head. But we had a really busy weekend. Then some computer issues. Yesterday I finally had a computer working and time, but guess what- I couldn't remember any of my ideas, or they seemed lame by this time. So then I decided to use the time to sew a project that I started and never finished. Except that I totally messed up an important step, but didn't discover it until it is way too late to fix it. So that is put back away.

So now it has been over a week and I've only posted once- pathetic for me! I usually try to post every day! :) And I am feeling a lack of motivation.

So to get my posting juices going, I would love to know.... what do you feel inspired by lately? The changing weather? The upcoming holidays? Family? Friends? What are you excited about? Please comment- it is what I obsess over every time I post something new!


Mandy-Joe-Chase-James said...

The things on mind lately are--potty training--effective discipline???--and how lucky I am to have two wonderful little boys in my life!!!!

Lisa said...

Hmmm... Usually I would say the upcoming holidays. Right now I'm up to my ears in sick kids, sick me, church responsibilities, etc. I haven't posted on my blog in a week either, so I can totally relate!

Rachel said...

Our move, a month of birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, shopping for furniture, cutting down bills, clipping coupons ( a new fun pastime), saving money, Makayla walking, finding new ways to discipline the boys since time-out is ineffective at the moment, Christmas shopping, having a yard to take care of for the first time EVER, Erik being done with school, Twilight movie, and maybe more. Usually I feel kind of bored but right now I feel like there is sooo much going on that I'm excited about! Don't know if that will help you, it's kind of boring but I like it!

Trent Family said...

I'm still basking in the self satisfaction of finishing my painting project. And patting myself on the back for a job well done.
I'm almost constantly thinking of what to do to over come my house hold paper problem. It's every where.
And I'm inspired by a lady at church. I want to be some one like her when I grow up.

Shanna said...

Amanda, good luck with the potty training! I am DE-motivated with that!! :) I thought we were done, but we have had major Problems with accidents lately.

Lisa, good point. I haven't slept well in over a week, and I'm fighting a cold. I need to remember that feeling lack of motivation/energy/whatever often have physical roots. How can I expect to be inspired when I feel tired and sick?? Thanks for that reminder.

I am really into saving money lately as well. I was really into it until this past week, when it has felt more like a pinch than an exciting game. I gotta move past it and keep going with the saving money. Christmas shopping with be SO fun this year. We have all the money in a savings account, and I can't wait to go shopping! And YAY for your house! I can't wait to see pictures! And I forgot about the Twilight movie! How could I forget?? LOL! I need to go see it. (When does it come out??)

Good job on the painting project!! That is awesome. I was cleaning our bathroom the other day and started dreaming about how to 're-do' it. But I knew it would take more time and money than I wanted to use! I wish I was Genie and could just blink it done! Home improvement motivates me too- I should think of something to do that would be small scale.

Thanks for all the comments!! I love it!

Melinda & Matt said...

The twilight movie comes out 11/21 We have to go see it together!!

Katie said...

This whole month I have been notivated by General Conf. I loved it, and it gave me a lot of new ideas of how we can make little changes in our lives that will have a significant affect. One of those changes is scripture study. That has always been hard to do with kids, but I came up with a plan, and it is super simple, but so far it is working GREAT! We are half way through 2nd Nephi, and we are still doing it. The kids listen and enjoy it, in fact, they beg to read! That one little success has inspired me to keep trying with the things that aren't so successful.

mandamike said...

Let's see I just certified in Phlebotomy and am getting a promotion at work :)
Although the thing that motivates me most in life is my daughter, she is so fun and I love working hard to be a good mom to her :)

Cecilee said...

Hmmm... I am motivated by many of the same things you talk about. Kids and their issues, home improvement, saving money (I'm also trying the coupon clipping again. A little annoying, but I'm trying), yardwork, fall fun, and of course church work. How's your Primary calling by the way? Any great ideas for the new year?

Valeni said...

What inspires me??? Let's see...the crispy Fall weather that makes me feel energetic and able to do some work outside. The upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and the chance to be together with family. I want to make it special. Spending time with friends and being able to share feelings and make plans to do better. General conference was inspiring....I hadn't thought of it until someone else said so, so now I want to look over my notes and do better. Thanks for asking about this...your blog inspires me too!