Wednesday, October 15, 2008

When Hope Turns to Dismay

Lately our family has been having a Problem. I have tried to be in denial that this Problem is happening. I have tried to ignore it, tried to correct it, and tried to deal with it. But the Problem persists.

I try to keep my head from exploding over this Problem. I have told myself countless times "it won't last forever". "This too shall pass". "It is just a phase". "Everyone deals with this- it will eventually go away".

I am doing my very best to take a long-term view of this Problem, because it is the type of thing that could very well turn me into a raving lunatic for most of the day. And it is a daily, some times hourly Problem.

Today, I took the kids to the park. We experienced our Problem at the park. Twice. And I tried to stay calm. We were already there, just stay and try not to lose it.

I was sitting on the park bench, watching the kids play happily, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw a mom with 3 boys. The youngest was at least 8 or 9. Something happened, and the mom got visibly upset, and they all left in quite a hurry. The annoyance, resignation, and slight disgust on the mom's face seemed somehow familiar, and I glanced closer at the boys. I saw that she had the same problem that we are dealing with.

And all my hopes of being done with my Problem in the next year or two were dashed. I don't know if I can face 5 or 6 more years of this Problem.

I am going to need more cookies.


Rebecca said...

BIG hugs... I've got that coming.. maybe this weekend. Because Zack is doing insanely well with the PTing and I can't stop him now.

Astarte said...

It'll be OK!!!! I promise!!! Boys are generally harder than girls, but I don't know anyone with a boy over age 4 who has a *routine* wetting problem, other than perhaps at night.

PTing stinks, though. BIG time. It was my least favorite thing to do with the kids, really. I am just not patient enough, I think, especially when up until that point, I had been in total control of everything, and suddenly this thing that seemed so CRUCIAL was completely out of my hands, yet was simultaneously necessary for prek, social functions, and general sanity purposes. Sigh.

Get more cookies. Eat them yourself. At least one of you will be happy. :)

ali said...

will it make you feel better if I tell you that we are having the same problem? Greta is my potty issue kid, and we've been having them since she possessed the manual dexterity to take her own diaper off. So not fun.

thetallgrl said...

Shana! Your blog is great! My mom-in-law, Cindy Coppel, found it and sent me the link. You are such a talented writer and so creative. Good luck with your little darlings (because they ARE darling ... sometimes ... right?)

You can view our blog to catch up on our comings and goings. We are in Arizona now.

- Chanelle Coppel