Sunday, November 9, 2008

Food Friday: Something is better than nothing

Food Friday on Sunday again. Friday I was busy doubling my weight. Goal for next week is to actually publish my Friday post on Friday. I know, I am ambitious.... what can I say- I like to shoot for the stars!

I almost did nothing this week. Well, I did my freezer meal, but it wasn't looking good for anything else. Then I was at the grocery store, and just decided to buy *something*, even if it wasn't hardly anything.

I bought 2 of those giant bags of Malt-O-Meal cereal. My kids love the honey-nut O's. I spent $10, and now I am another tiny step closer to my goal.

My problem lately has been finding the cash to further my goals. We have switched to a cash budget system, and I seem to be running out of money a lot faster than when I just swiped my card! LOL.

How do you find the extra money to stock up? Especially when money is tight, gas was high, food is getting more expensive, and Christmas is coming? I would love some ideas. Right now we are just going slowly, doing what we can and utilizing extra money that sometimes comes our way. Do you have any great ideas?

I would love to make major progress each week, but like all things, it happens mostly in spurts. As long as I remain committed, and don't give up, the prize is still in sight. And, now, if there is ever a morning when we really need some honey-nut O's, we have them. I couldn't say that before this week. :)


Cecilee said...

Good job! Baby steps, right?

Sorry I don't have any ideas on getting some extra money. Isn't that always the problem??

Adam and Lisa said...

My stash up thing is getting stuff at Publix buy one get one free. You can see the ad on their website. They have stuff like pasta sauce and cereal. Last week they had dishwashing detergent. Some weeks are better than others, but if you watch you can get pretty good deals. I get a lot of food storage stuff there.