Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween, past and present

I've seen several blogs show pictures from the past Halloween's, and it has been so cute to see that I decided to copy the idea!

Here we are in 2003:

We used to have a huge Halloween party every year, with decorations, costumes, all kinds of awesome food, pumpkin carving, and lots of friends.

Then 2004, with the arrival of Abigail:
I spent hours and hours and hours searching the stores and internet for just the perfect costume! I was so in love with this one! And then even more hours posing her and taking pictures and sitting her next to pumpkins! What an adorable butterfly!

Then 2005, the arrival of Jack and Aidan, and the loss of life as we knew it.....

Yep, Abigail still fit her butterfly costume, and that was the best we could do.

I was going to have Jack and Aidan be a cowboy and an indian. I got the indian outfit made (it took all of 1 hour, but it took at least 3 weeks to actually get it done). But the cowboy never got done. So at the last minute, we dressed Aidan in his Carolina Panthers outfit and smeared makeup under his eye. Not really sure what we were going for, but he looked miserable festive.

2006: Abigail was a princess (pink this year), and Jack and Aidan were Thing 1 and Thing 2.

I went as myself. Didn't even have to dress up or change. It was nice.

2007 got a little better! The boys were obsessed with trains, and were loving these outfits:
And Abigail was a princess (what else?)
And here we are in 2008!

I wanted to get a picture of my 3, and this little cutie just jumped right in! She was so happy to be in the picture that I just couldn't ask her to leave! Of course it is the one time that all 3 are facing the same direction and smiling!

Abigail as Dorothy, Jack as Spiderman, and Aidan still loves Thomas.
Here is the whole crowd at my sister's Halloween party. Good food, lots of friends, and a bucket full of candy. Who wouldn't love Halloween?


ali said...

ok, can I retroactively come for Halloween?

Gabe asked me this year what I was going to be and I told him I was going as Darth Vader's Mom. Maybe one of these years I will be more festive.

Shanna said...

I always think I won't dress up, and then at the last minute, I want to do something, but then I don't have any good ideas. Oh well- live and learn! At least I have 3 little cuties to dress up!

Kelly said...

Hey, I am all about recylcling costumes.

Rebecca said...

I love seeing the kids in their costumes!! Halloween is SO fun!!

Valeni said...

The pictures are very cute and looks like everyone had a fun Halloween. I loved seeing the pictures of Halloween past too...thanks for sharing

The Petersons said...

Wow, how things have changed for you since 2003!

colleensewnsew said...

Oh, what a fun party -- I really missed being there!