Monday, November 3, 2008


Well, a while ago I posted about not feeling very inspired. A few days ago, I got two different emails, each with very good news. All of a sudden, I felt the inspiration hit! I felt a huge motivational push! I wanted to *do* something! Get something done! Work on something!

Did I focus my energy on this.....
Uh, no.

Did I make progress on one of my many "started but not finished" projects?
Of course not.
I started this:

But don't worry, I have help (?).


Kelly said...

Personally, I don't see anything wrong with picture number one. Where's the fire?

Rebecca said...

Ohhhh! I bet it will look great!

Valeni said...

Cute blog Shanna, and you are amazing to keep motivated on projects. hope you can work on it and I can help with the kids...see you soon!

Holly Schwendiman said...

HA! That is SO something I would do dear. ;)


ali said...

looks like a sock monkey melee up there!

Ripping off wallpaper is very therapeutic, I wish my kids were old enough to have helped me when we were doing that! I personally love it if it comes off in bigger sheets, it's the tiny pieces that kill ya!

colleensewnsew said...

With all that help, you should have it done in no time!