Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It can bring a grown woman to tears... twice

So, Kydon was in a minor crash last weekend. No one was hurt, but now we deal with the annoyance of getting our car fixed, and driving a rental for a couple weeks. Not a huge deal. We have done it before, and it was annoying, but not the end of the world.

The problem? The blog-worthy story? The carseats. Times 3. Not surprisingly, there aren't a whole lot of cars that will fit 3 carseats across in a comfortable manner. Where "comfortable" is defined as being able to install them correctly, without them sitting at a 30-45 degree angle, be able to reach to click the buckle in, and not have to shove with all your might to close the door.

This car:
Does *not* fit 3 seats comfortably. Since I was not present during the crash/selection of a rental car process, I was also not there to pitch a fit give my input. Kydon spent a good 20 minutes, and rearranged them a few times, and was able to get them home. He figured it wasn't ideal, but it was possible, and we would just suck it up and deal with it for a couple weeks.

The problem? The blog-worthy story? Is that he had to do it once. I have to do it 50 freaking times a day. At LEAST twice daily, to get to and from preschool. Then if I have to go anywhere else, add at least 2 more for every trip. The boys seats aren't too bad- once installed, you can just leave them, and use the seat buckles. But Abigail's booster? A nightmare.

I have broken 4 nails. I have to crawl into the backseat, attempt to thread the belt through impossibly tight spaces, then reach actually behind the seat, and underneath Jack's seat to find and click the buckle, all while she is in the seat, understandably wiggling and complaining about being squished. Tuesday, picking her up from school, I spent 20 min in the freezing cold getting her in that stupid seat (and please feel free to substitute "stupid" for a different choice word). After 20 minutes of extreme frustration, I finally heard the *click*! But... it was Jack's seat being *unbuckled*, not hers being buckled. So I had to take both of them out, reinstall Jack's, and start over. That is when I cried. I somehow managed to get her in, and home.

Then I had to run an errand. Getting back in the car after the errand, repeat the above process. I wasn't dumb enough to repeat my earlier mistake, but after 20 minutes in the freezing cold, I finally got it buckled, but when putting the strap over her head, I pulled it too far and it locked up. I had to take her and her seat all the way out and start over. Again. Second round of tears.

Other gripes? No tapes or cd's to keep the kids happy. No backseat that I can move Abigail to when she starts bugging the kid next to her and can't seem to stop. Abigail only fits in the middle, which means she can torture both of the boys instead of just one. No heated seats for me. They are close enough to reach me, pull my hair, and throw things at me. Wah, wah, wah.

I want to swap it out, but Kydon was out of town when he was in the crash, and the rental car would have to be swapped out *there*, not here. I am still deciding if it is worth driving 4 hours to swap it. Yesterday I established a rather complicated and probably not-all-that-safe system of just loosening the belt, and making her shimmy out of/into it, then tightening it again. I will see how this goes, if it is any easier or not. If not, does anyone want to take a road trip with me and 3 kids in a very tight fitting car??? Sounds fun, huh?

I miss my friend.


Jen said...

Don't be afraid to cry Shanna-- I would too. Car seats can be so frustrating! I would probably figure out some way to get a different car...if at all possible two weeks is a long time to wrestle with car seats 50 times a day. ;) Good luck!

Melinda and Matt said...

I'm so sorry Shanna....But you left out the part about Kydon taking the keys to work with him! There is nothing like having the car you all fit in! We can all fit in Matt's car (at least for a few more weeks), but I hate having to buckle the seatbelts for the kids--and it isn't nearly as bad as yours!

Rebecca said...

Oh nightmare!!! Rental cars suck as it is, but to be that tight back there. I hope the car is fixed SOON!

Astarte said...

Oh, dear God!!!! I'd have cried, too!!!! What a situation!!! I can't believe that they want to make you switch the car THERE.

Caroline said...

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