Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Q&A for National Adoption Month

Happy National Adoption Month!

Is there anything you can do to celebrate adoption this month? How about going into your kids school and reading a book about adoption? You don't have to be an adoptive parent to spread the word that adoption is a wonderful thing! I'm sure you could find a book at the library, or you could buy one to donate to the school library. My personal favorite is "Tell me again about the night I was born" by Jamie Lee Curtis (yes, that Jamie Lee Curtis- it is an awesome book).

To celebrate on this blog, I am going to copy my friend Katie and have a contest! Ask any adoption-related question in the comments section. I will answer all the questions here, and pick a random winner. You will get something fun in the mail!

I am pretty open about all things adoption related, and I love to tell people more about adoption. Don't worry about offending me- I am not easily offended! Ask away- the contest ends on Saturday, which is National Adoption Day!


ali said...

hmm... Okay. Um I can't think of anything, I'll come back, I promise!

Melinda and Matt said...

What is something in the adoption process that you didn't realize (before you started) would be as hard as it was? (Does that make sense???)

Momma to 1 Looking for #2 said...

what did you do to find your babies?

The Petersons said...

I'm wondering, if you already have children, is it harder to get a baby? Like, do they offer them to the couples without kids first? Also, how long did the whole process take for you the first time.

Jennifer said...

How do couples pay the costs for adoption? And is overseas adoption easier or harder than U.S. adoptions?