Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Twilight Moment

Saturday I was making arrangements to go see Twilight. The kids always scream and cry when I leave, and even if I just tell them I am leaving, they get all upset and they all get really clingy and cry. (Told you I am popular). Because I was going to the movie after they were in bed, I saw no reason to upset them and cause anxiety and drama. So I didn't tell them.

But they heard me calling people to go with me. They heard me calling Kydon and Dane to arrange for someone to be here while I was out. I tried to disguise it, but eventually the questions came "Mommy- what it Twilight?"

I did what any drama-avoiding mother would do. I told them the truth. Twilight is the time when it starts to get dark but it is still a little light outside. "Mommy, are you going to twilight?" Yes, do you guys want to come too? "Yes!!"

So after dinner, about 5:30, we grabbed a bunch of blankets, and headed out to the porch. It was me with the kids, and it was freezing. We were all huddled up together, and enjoying the twilight. We talked about our favorite things to do (Abigail- go to the ice cream place, Jack- go to Auburn, Aidan- stay home), and we sat really quiet and listened to the sounds.

It lasted about 4 minutes before we got too cold and too wiggly and had to go inside, but those 4 minutes were pure family bliss! Moments like that remind me how beautiful life is and how blessed I am to have these amazing children.


Rebecca said...

You are the BEST mother... Seriously, I am sitting here in awe of you!

And what did you think of the movie? I am hearing very mixed reviews...

I just finished Breaking Dawn, and while parts were irritating... you were SO right about that NAME... I really liked the story!

Shanna said...

I expected to hate the movie. I didn't like the trailers at all- the voices were wrong, the look was wrong (from what was in my head). And I usually don't enjoy movies if I have read the book first.

But I enjoyed it! It was fun to see all the imagry and to see the story 'come to life'. Similar to the books- nothing earth shattering, but enjoyable. But I'm sure that having such low expectations helped a lot! :)

Kim said...

Innocence IS bliss! I love being able to tell the truth and avoid drama at the same time. You are such an amazing mom!

ali said...

that was so great! I love that you took your kids to "twilight." And who says being a mother doesn't use your brain??

Valeni said...

That was a very creative way to enjoy "Twilight." thanks for sharng and we're looking forward to Thanksgiving with all of us together!