Monday, November 10, 2008

Who's the Man?

When we needed an extremely heavy peg board hung in our new garage to organize the tools, who did it?

When we have a home improvement project like removing wallpaper, painting, mudding, sanding, caulking or changing hardware, who does it?

When we need a light fixture changed out, who does it?

When the furniture needs to be moved, who uses all their strength to move big dressers and desks up or down several flights of stairs?

When the shelf in Dane's closet completely collapses and all the clothes, boxes and shelves are in a big heap, who gets the tools, puts it back together and cleans it all up?

Is it one of the TWO big, strong, men in the house? Or is it the little woman who spends her days cooking, cleaning, washing clothes and looking after the children?

I'll give you one guess. Hear me Roar.


Kelly said...

You da bomb, girlfriend!

Kelly said...

Martha Vila.

Jen said...

I'm Da Man in my house too...Sometimes I like not having to wait around for someone else to do it, but other times it'd be nice to have a little man muscle behind me. ;)

mommymuse said...

You rock, Shanna! I love taking on "guy" projects around the house--I'll roar with you, sistah! ;)

Valeni said...

Good for you Shanna... it's great that you are good at these things and can do them when needed.

thetallgrl said...

Unfortunately I share your strength. I'm the one who puts a bookshelf together. I put the crib together when I was 9 months!