Saturday, November 29, 2008

The worst part of having family visit...

Is that you remember how much you like being around them, and how much you wish they lived closer!! We had so much fun with Camille, Scott and Kirsten this week! And Penny and Daniel too!

We miss you guys already! And I was pleasantly surprised that the kids all acted really, really good while we were traveling, having crazy schedules, and lots of unexpected changes to our plans. We had a great Thanksgiving!
And for those of you who spent the week/weekend with us, and are staring at the above paragraph with a puzzled expression, I will just say that YES, that IS their good behavior, and just be glad you didn't see the bad behavior!


Valeni said...

Thanks for posting the pictures Shanna. I love to see them, and thanks for all you did to make Thanksgiving week-end great for everyone. We are still eating the pumpkin pie and other things you made. I am glad we are FAMILY!

Rachel said...

That's great that you guys had such a fun thanksgiving! I really wish we could see you all more. I'm looking forward to the wedding and seeing everyone again. Maybe we should rent a house in Houston and all of us stay together. What do you think?