Monday, December 1, 2008

At least she's learning something...

Today I sat the kids on the couch to prepare for a shopping trip. Most of our outings begin several days in advance, quite often on the couch. We are preparing to shop for toys. Usually the toy section is the one I avoid at all costs, but today we are going to the store to intentionally look at and BUY toys. For others. Not for us. I am already scared of the fits and tantrums that I fully anticipate. Buying the toys- no problem. Not keeping and playing with and destroying the toys- big problem.

So we start on the couch.

I began yesterday by telling them about the foster kids toy drive. About kids who didn't get to live with their regular families, and who might not get many toys for Christmas, and about how lucky we are to have a great family, and we should help the kids who are in a different family for Christmas this year.

Today we focused our discussion on what Christmas is really about and why we should think about doing things for other people and not doing things for ourselves. As soon as Abigail caught the gist of the conversation, she perked right up.

"Mommy, it isn't about the holly or the candy canes. It is about the love you show for other people".

Wow, that took my breath away! She got it! She heard this little phrase somewhere, probably from her wonderful little church class that we go to every week, even when it is hard to go. Or maybe from her private Christian preschool that we pay for so that she can have an easier transition from home to public school. Someone, somewhere is teaching her, and she is learning and understanding and putting it together and remembering.

My motherly eyes get a little misty, and I tell her just how right she is, and we talk about it a little more, then I ask her where she learned this little nugget of wisdom.

"From TV! On the Mickey Mouse Christmas show they say it!"
Lovey-proud moment over. Now go watch TV so I can blog.

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Astarte said...

Oh, no!! You've been out-mommied by a fake mouse!!!!! Dang!