Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Miracles

1. We put this out at the same time as our tree, first weekend in December, and it didn't get broken!
A replica of the Disney Monorail- we bought it during our trip to Orlando. I love this train! I thought it would be so cute going around our tree. It was adorable, and I am in shock that it didn't get destroyed!

2. Jack and Aidan ignored Diego cartoon to play (properly) with the nativity.

3. We actually went *under* budget.

4. I got all my Christmas projects done!
A felt board with lots of different shapes and ideas for making pictures! I was so happy when she pulled it out to play with it after opening all the presents!

5. This mysterious package arrived on Christmas Eve... dropped on our doorstep...

We spent all day shaking it, wondering what it could be, and talking ourselves out of opening it early! Good thing it said "Do not open until Dec. 25"- otherwise it would have been toast!

Inside was Kydon's leather jacket!! It has been missing for several weeks. He had figured out that he took it off to go to his graduation, he thinks he left it on the top of the car and drove away without it. The only thing we can figure out is that someone found it (in downtown), found his work badge that was in the pocket (had his full name on it), found his address and delivered it!

There was a note from Santa inside- it was found by one of the elves, and he told Kydon to take better care of it next time, because Christmas only comes once a year! He is so happy to have his wonderful jacket back!

I hope your Christmas is filled with miracles.


Tony and Tiffany said...

Merry Christmas!!! Just thought I'd drop a note and say how fabulous your blog was! How lucky was Kydon to get his coat back! And how adorable are your kids! Thanks for sharing...Oh, this is Tony and Tiffany....the cousins in MO!!!

Cecilee said...

Well, getting that coat back is a testament to the fact that there are still good, honest people out there in the world. Thanks so much for sharing your Christmas miracles.

The handmade bags you sent are ADORABLE! You are so creative. Thanks for sending those. I know we'll use them all the time, especially at church.

Adam and Lisa said...

I can't believe he got that coat back! That is amazing. Also, I LOVE the felt board you gave us! I am having fun playing with it, and I know Ellie will love it when she is bigger!

Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...
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Valeni said...

That story is a fun Christmas miracle that we have enjoyed retelling. Thanks for sharing the details and pictures. Kydon, that's what you get for living right! So glad you got back the jacket.