Saturday, December 13, 2008

Exciting Milestones

The great thing about the oldest child is they are always doing things first! I know you are thinking "duh", but it is so cool that my first everything is with Abigail! I love it! Thursday night we attended our first Christmas program as parents of a kid in the program. I was SO excited! It was actually pretty funny to sit there waiting for it to start and feel how excited I was for something so silly! My girl is getting so big!
She was an illustrious pine tree. She and two other cuties stood up at the front and said this:

"I'm a little pine tree tall and straight.
Here are my branches for you to decorate.
Don't forget to put the star on top,
please make sure that the balls don't chop."

Now, you may be reading that and thinking hmm... that last word should probably be *drop*, not *chop*, and you might be thinking that I had a little typo. But I will reassure you that Abigail was very adamant that they wanted her to say that the balls don't CHOP, and they most definately do NOT want her to say that they might drop. Because after all, the word 'drop' would not at all match the chopping motion she made with her arms at the end.

That is what I love about the 4 year old programs. Full of cuteness and laughs!
My only complaint was that they had it so late! The program started at 7! At first I thought it was just another sign that we are out of touch with reality by putting our kids to bed at 6 or 6:30, but there were a lot of kids up there drooping and yawning and looking really tired. Abigail had spent the whole day singing cute little songs and talking about balls chopping, but she spent a lot of the program with her head resting on her knees looking a little sleepy. At least she wasn't as bad as the little girl in the front row who actually did fall asleep. Straight out, right there on stage. It was hilarious.

And then last night was our other milestone- Kydon's graduation!

It was one of those days when everything that went wrong. The kids (and I) were tired from the night before. I tried for almost 2! hours! to get them to take naps. With zero luck. So, since nobody would sleep, I got the brilliant idea to take them to the mall so we could shop for some clothes to wear to the graduation. Hey! Kids tired and cranky? Won't take their naps? Why not take them to the mall where they have no restricting shopping carts and big holiday crowds and try to find cute clothes! It will be great!

Or not.

After that fun, I tried to clean the house. That didn't happen either, and I think it was actually messier when I was finished than it was when I started. Add in a family crisis that I was utterly useless for, and trying to please everyone with meeting and leaving, and not being able to do what anyone wanted.... well, by the time I got everyone ready and in the car, I was thinking to myself that it was a terrible idea to take all of us downtown to the ceremony, and what was I thinking, and I should just stay home and put everyone to bed.
But we went- see?
Me, Dane, Aidan, Jack, Abigail, Mom and Dad. Kydon had a pretty good cheering section!

And I was SO glad I went! There was such a rush of pride for Kydon, and relief that it was over, and just a huge feeling of celebration that he had reached this point and done what he set out to do! It was awesome. I am really proud that he did this!

And, actually, the kids were surprisingly well behaved considering! It was actually pretty enjoyable.

See him there? The 4th blur from the right.

The graduating class- just the graduate degrees, thank goodness. :)

The kids were so enthralled with Buzz! They spent about 5-10 minutes chasing him around, giving him high 5's, and generally just thinking he was awesome.


James and Ali said...

That's so exciting about Kydon's graduation! I was jumping for joy when James finally finished his MBA. Such a good feeling!

Rebecca said...

I love school programs too.

And HUGE congrats to Kydon for graduating and YOU for surviving the hard times when he was gone. I'm glad the kids were good for the ceremony!

Valeni said...

It was great to see the pictures and hear all about the program and graduation. Wish we could have been there...but glad we could hear about it on your blog. Congratulations Kydon and all the family for reaching such a challenging goal. "All this hard work will pay off someday." (Quote from Grandma Witbeck that I think of often!) Love you all....

mommymuse said...

Whew--I'm tired just reading about your two busy, albeit happy, days! Congrats to Miss Abigail for being such a cute tree, Dh for making it to the cap & gown event, and YOU for shepherding it all together!

Rachel said...

Congratulations Kydon! All that hard work is finally paying off! And Shanna..what can I say. I tip my hat to you. I am not very brave when it comes to leaving the house by myself with all the kids. You are my hero!

thetallgrl said...

My daughter Caralie loved Buzz, too, when we went to my brother's graduation. Congrats to Kydon - it's so hard to go to school when you work and have a family!

Adam and Lisa said...

Yay to Kydon! We are so proud that you both did it!! Excellent work!

Astarte said...

Congrats to Kydon! It was such a relief when DH finally finished his grad degree this spring. It was a tough four years for all of us, as well as for our marriage. Phew.

Your little tree looks darling!!!! Our pageant didn't start until 7:30 this year, and it was pretty late, but the kids in ours are from 1st-5th grades, which is a little easier at those times. I think if there are small children in them, it should be earlier.