Thursday, December 25, 2008

Food Friday: Taking advantage of opportunities

Growing up, we quite often found in our stocking a banana, an orange, and one of those small boxes of cereal. That was our Christmas morning breakfast. I loved that tradition! When I married Kydon, his family had a similar-but-a-little-different tradition of have a full size box of cereal wrapped up under the tree, and wah-lah; Christmas morning breakfast.

I liked both of those traditions, so we always have a box of cereal under the tree for each person. It is usually their favorite.... my kids are weird- they like bran flakes (as Abigail says- Raisin Bran without the raisins), Kix, Chex, and Honey Nut Cheerios. They won't eat the sugar stuff, thank goodness! :)

So this year, I am trying to squirrel away food storage. So I used some Christmas money to buy the cereal, and then for breakfast I made a yummy breakfast casserole that we ate for breakfast. Then, sneaky food storage hoarder that I am becoming, I found a distracted moment and carried all the cereal downstairs. Ha! Now we have our 3 month supply of cereal! One item on the list down, 57 thousand items to go.

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