Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Food Friday: Thank goodness for Mom

My progress this week? I used some of my wheat! Yes, this depletes my supply rather than enhances it, but I count this as progress, because I absolutely refuse to have massive amounts of food in my house that I don't (or won't) use. I had 10 cans of wheat, so in order to complete my goal of 'food supply' and not 'food storage', I figured I better find ways to use it! Eventually, when I have my 1,000 lbs (!) of wheat, I will need to use about 100 lbs a year to rotate it every 10 years. It shouldn't be a problem, but all the same, I need to know how to use it.

So, thank goodness for my Mom! She is really the best. I went to her house (unannounced of course. If I call ahead, she has the opportunity to say no. On a rainy Wednesday afternoon, I don't like to give her the option). :) Anyway, I went over and *just happened* to have one of my cans of wheat with me. How convienient! She was nice enough to pull out her wheat grinder and fire it up. See- told you she was great! Always so supportive of anything I'm trying to do! And she lives close. Even better!

She has this one:
The K-Tec Kitchen Mill

Which I had seen and read about (now that I am into this type of thing), and it worked great. And was pretty small and easy to use, and didn't make a mess (of course, I left before she cleaned it *how convienient*. Mom- leave a comment and tell if it is easy to clean or not).

So now I have wheat flour! She told me to keep it in the freezer, because it loses nutrients really fast. And I believe her, because she has been doing this WAY longer than I have! She knows these things. She also gave me "dough enhancer" to try to make some bread with. Sounds fancy, right? I'm not sure what to do with it, but I will give it a try! The instructions say things like 'jog the machine'. I don't have a machine, and I'm not sure what I would do to jog one. But I will just pull out my wooden spoon and clean hands and give it a try.

Bread making is on the agenda for next week. This week with our new FRESH ground wheat flour, we made:

Baking powder biscuits. The recipe called for 2 c of flour, so I used 1.5 c white and .5 c wheat. I could taste a slight difference, but I think they tasted just fine. Not different bad, just different.

And we tried Blender Wheat Pancakes:

This recipe is kind of cool because you use your wheat berries (see how much I am learning? I now know the little kernals are called berries!) whole- they don't need to be ground ahead of time. You basically just put some wheat berries and milk (powdered, of course) in the blender for about 5 minutes, add a few more ingredients, then cook.

They were surprisingly good! Both Kydon and I were skeptical, to say the least, but they were yummy! (And would have probably been even better if I had remembered to add the salt- oops.) It wasn't any harder to make than normal pancakes. Also, normally Jack and Aidan eat 5-6 pancakes each. It normally requires a triple batch to fill everyone up, but we only made a single batch of these, and they were all full after just 2! That is a good thing!

Then we topped off the healthy, nutritious breakfast with some fast-acting sugar in the form of candy canes. But look at the smiles!! Remind me to include sweets into my food supply!

I'm a little scared, because I found a lot of information about how sick you will get when you first start eating wheat! I really don't want to live in a house where 5 people have digestive issues!! My mom reassured me that it wouldn't be too much of a problem, and I do believe her. But I am going to go a little slow on the wheat, especially at first.


ali said...

how healthy of you! I'd like to learn how to make really healthy wheat bread... Or really just bread in general!

Rebecca said...

Awesome!! We actually just ordered a wheat grinder attachment for my kitchenaid mixer... because I'm trying to do more things homemade and eat healthier in I'll be hitting you up for bread making tips soon ;)

TheVillamorFamily said...

I have a really easy wheat bread recipe....from start to finish about 1 hour 15min. I can send it if you want:)

I bought so much wheat when we were first married and have used it off and on. I figure I will be able to barter with it for something else:) Right now it holds up our bed really well!:)

Do you like oatmeal? I use to eat "wheat berry" cereal....just boil the berries until they plump and get soft. You can eat a bowl of it like that(with butter and sugar) or I would just throw some in my oatmeal every morning.

Good luck on your wheat adventures Shanna....and I should wish your colons good luck as well;) ha!

Andy and Jessica said...

Great job, I love the recipes! My mom just gave me a wheat grinder, and I have no idea what to do with it. So thank you for the tips and the motivation to start grinding some wheat and making some healthy food.
Also, I just added to my craft post where I got the Nativity kit. It was very easy to put together, the part that took the most time was just painting the base. :-)

Jen said...

You are gonna be a food storage queen before you know it! ;)

I think the sickness of eating wheat is only when you suddenly start eating nothing but if you had to actually use your food storage, but if you are eating it regularly before you "need" to use your storage you don't have that problem. I've never noticed a difference had any problems when we started using wheat more regularly. Keep sharing your tips!

Shanna said...

Rebecca- that sounds cool! I don't have a kitchenaid, but I might be getting one one day. You will have to let me know how it works!

MK- I would love that recipe! I have a love/hate relationship with bread. I love to try to make it, but hate the way it always turns out! I keep blaming the recipe, so I am always looking for a new one, LOL!

We eat a lot of oatmeal- I will have to try the wheat berry cereal- that sounds like it would be good! Kydon grew up eating cracked wheat cereal- sounds similar, but you crack the wheat first, so he wants to try that.

Jessica- thanks for the link! I just sent them an email to see how to order one! That is so adorable!

Jen- I think you are right. We already eat a lot of whole grains anyway, so it isn't going to be *that* much of a shock to my system! But when you read 4-5 articles about it, you can't help but feel nervous!!

colleensewnsew said...

Shanna, the wheat grinder is really easy to clean. I just use a small paint brush to brush off all of the flour from the top. The rest of the stuff is dishwasher safe, but I usually just put them in a sink full of soapy water, wash them and dry them and then put everything away. I really like it because everything stores easily and it doesn't take up much room. I am proud of your food storage efforts. You inspire me!

Sarah said...

I also have that wheat grinder. I love it! I use a pastry brush to clean it, but I really love Aunt Collen's suggestion to use a paint brush. My pastry brush doesn't brush off the grinder too well. (It might help if I actually had a good pastry brush!)

I haven't noticed too many digestive issues with wheat in our house. I hear that happens with beans sometimes, though.

I have a good recipe that we like for whole wheat bread that's really easy. I will try to post it on my blog in the next week or so.

Elaine said...

Shanna, can i get your wheat pancakes recipe please? Thanks! elaine