Monday, December 8, 2008

Food Supply: 1 year supply goal clarification

I have spent some time last night and this morning exploring another food storage website. This site helped me clarify my 1 year storage goals, and it had some good information about how much I should have on hand and what things to store.

I liked this site because it included long term storage items like baking soda and salt, which you need to make anything. Many sites I have looked at only included the grains and beans. Or they included everything you might eat for an entire year. So this was a nice middle ground for me. After I entered in my current inventory (that only took 30 seconds, ha ha), I tried to look around on the site at other things, but it looks like to really use the site you would need to pay the $14.99 cost. I only like *free* things, so I think I will pass! But it was nice to use the free feature to calculate and clarify what my goals are!

Oh, and I figured out how many pounds are in each of my cans- it was on the order sheet I got from the cannery! Go figure!

Here are my 1 year supply goals for my family of 5 at our current ages:

  1. Grains- 1,360 lbs (I currently have 58 lbs)
  2. Legumes- 300 lbs
  3. Milk- 80 lbs (I currently have 37)
  4. Sugar- 310 lbs (I currently have 55)
  5. Fat/Oil- 50 quarts (I currently have 8)
  6. Water- 70 gallons (I currently have 15)
  7. Baking Powder- 5 lbs
  8. Baking Soda- 5 lbs
  9. Dry Yeast- 3 lbs
  10. Salt- 40 lbs

I am going to add a sidebar feature to my food blog to keep track of how much I have vs. how much I need. Now I have my lists of 3 month storage food, and 1 year storage foods! I guess my planning is about done- I need to go ahead and buy some of this stuff! Easier said than done, right?

Although I think it is a good thing to get it slowly. I once got a ton of salt. I had my entire year supply of salt. But I didn't use it all, and it is starting to go bad. If I had bought a little at a time, the expiration dates would be staggered, and I could have used it all. A good lesson to learn.


TheVillamorFamily said...

I didn't think salt expired? I remember using salt my mom had bought back when they still used sticker price tags and Kroger brands were called "cost cutters"!
Great progress Shanna! The church's website has some good calculators for a year supply of the basics as well.

Shanna said...

Hmmm... maybe it doesn't?? Kydon is fanatical about exp. dates, and he is all for throwing out the salt. But I still have it and I'm still using it!

colleensewnsew said...

I also have salt that I have had for a long time and it is still good. I don't think the salt looses its "savor" unless it is contaminated.