Saturday, December 20, 2008

Food Supply: Freezer Meals

I am happy to report that this week I made another freezer meal, and I've been trying not to use what I had in order to build up my supply a little faster. So as of today, I have completed my goal to have 30 freezer meals! Yay!

Today I made pizza rolls. They are one of our favorite things to eat! Here is how you make them:
Pizza Rolls:
-frozen pizza dough (or make your own)
-your favorite pizza toppings (I like pepperoni, green pepper, mushrooms and olives. Sausage is also really yummy).

Roll out the dough. I like to make a rectangle, about 8" by 14". I like to make it more of a skinny rectangle, so when I roll it up it is longer instead of fatter- that makes more rolls. If you like fatter/bigger rolls, you could make it more of a square shape.

Then just add your toppings. Don't put any sauce on these- just the pizza toppings.
Once you have your toppings on, simply start from one side and roll it up. If you have ever made cinnamon rolls, it is the same process. I like to stretch the dough a little as I roll it so that it keeps the toppings a little more snug.

Then, starting at one end, slice it in segments of about 1". Use a sharp serrated knife, since you will be cutting through a lot of your toppings. Place them with the cut side up onto a baking sheet, and bake at 450 until golden brown (usually about 10 min).

When putting them in the freezer, I like to pull them out about 10 seconds before they turn golden. I find that just slightly underbaking them makes them taste a little better when reheated. I also find that I have to get them in the freezer quick or we will eat them all! :)

To reheat, simply wrap in a paper towel and microwave until hot- 1 or 2 min, depending on how many you are doing.

Serve warm with a bowl of pizza sauce to dip them into. Also, we like to dip them in pesto sauce.

These are so easy to make in large batches, especially if you use frozen dough. I can easily make 5 pizzas worth of rolls in less than 2 hours. And they are delicious!


Freezer meals are so awesome! It greatly reduces my dinner-time stress, and it saves us money when I can just pull things out of the freezer instead of stopping somewhere for dinner. Now that I have reached my goal, my plan is that once a week I will cook a 'freezer meal', which means that I will make something for dinner that freezes well. I will make enough for 3 meals- we eat one the night that I cook it, and I stick the other 2 into the freezer. Then 2 nights during the week we will eat food from the freezer to use and rotate what we have. It is a way to combine the cooking time while still eating a wide variety of food.

I am making a lot of progress on my goals overall. I purchased some cereal to work toward my 3 month supply of food this week also. It is such a good feeling to set a goal and see continual progress! What are you all working on? Any progress this week? Are you doing anything over the Christmas holiday? I am going to try and make some shelves! We'll see if it really happens!


Rebecca said...

These sound great! And the kids will think it's fun!

Caroline said...

yum yummmmmm!