Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Relinquishing my crown

I have to give up my title. I have found someone more popular than me. Laura! Whenever she visits, the kids flock to her. They climb all over her, fight to talk to her, and miss her when she is gone. Dane likes her too.

The other day, we all went hiking about 2 hours from home. Laura rode in the very back next to Abigail on the way up. I felt sorry for her scrunched-up legs, so I said to Abigail "Hey, on the way home, I want to ride next to you, is that ok?"

"No, mommy, I just want Laura".
"But Abigail, I can tell you stories, and you can listen to my music, and we can play really fun games!"

"Mommy, I still love you, but I just want Laura".

Here are some great pictures from the hike.
A cute one of Jack

Me and Abigail wearing our matching hats from Christmas.

I love this one of the two of us! If we were still doing adoptions, I would put this on our profile!

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Jen said...

I love that picture of you two! All the pics are usual. I'm sure you'll regain your throne soon enjoy your break while you can. ;)