Thursday, January 8, 2009

After Christmas fun!

I have been loving the after-Christmas sales! I really wanted one of these:
A four-foot white tree. It is so cute! I thought it would be great as a 'kids tree'- to put handmade ornaments on, or just whatever random things they want to. Maybe some colorful tinsel, things like that! It was $49.99 before Christmas, and I got it for $14! I might have gotten one for less by waiting a little longer, but I also might have not gotten one at all!

And then I bought some plastic ornaments really, really cheap and made this gorgeous wreath:
Just get wire hanger, shape it into a circle, thread your ornaments on, and wah-lah! I will add some ribbon next year when I hang it- but isn't it beautiful?
Have you been having any fun with the clearance sales?


mommymuse said...

You are SOOOO creative! If I had a little more free time I think I'd just copy everything you do so people would think I am also brilliant and talented and clever!

Lisa said...

The best thing I got was a gingerbread house kit for 25 cents. The only reason it worked (since it wouldn't last a whole year) was that we were doing our extended family gingerbread decorating party after Christmas this year.

Shanna said...

I thought about buying a ginger bread house kit. It was $4, so I passed, since I wasn't sure if it would last... but for 25 cents I would have bought it! That is a great idea to do the party after Christmas! I might have to borrow that idea.