Thursday, January 22, 2009

Food Friday: 3 Month Storage

After last week's frustration, I made some really great progress on my 3 month storage this week.

I went to Aldi's, and was able to stock up on a whole bunch of food for about $100. I feel really happy about the progess I made. I think I got somewhere between 1/3-1/2 of what I want to have on hand for my 3 month storage. I have a nice list in my purse, so I can watch for sales to stock up on the other few items.

I also put together a tutorial on how to make a FIFO can rotation shelf

And I found a really yummy recipe for Chicken Pesto Pasta. Kydon was late getting home for dinner, and there wasn't any left for him! It was delicious!

What have you all been working on? Any progress made? I would love to hear from others who are working on this to get me another shot of motivation!


Kayleen said...

You're amazing

Mandy-Joe-Chase-James said...

I did the same thing this week--Winn Dixie had an awesome sale this week--20 cans of veggies for $10--and so many other good deals--I really stocked up on stuff! It feels great to know I have food on hand!