Thursday, January 1, 2009

Food Friday: Can Rotation Shelf

As my food storage has slowly been building, my thoughts have turned to shelving. And where to put all this stuff. I had an idea of a shelf that I could make, but it seemed not ideal for what I wanted. I would have to put it in the basement, and really I would rather have most of the canned stuff up here in the kitchen where I will use it.

So then I wanted this:

A FIFO (first in, first out) can rotation shelf. It looks great- exactly what I was looking for. But it did cost $30, and only stored 3 different kind of cans. $10 per type of can seemed kind of steep when I don't even have all the food I want yet. I was still really leaning toward it, but then when we measured the dimensions, it wouldn't fit in our pantry anyway, so that was out.

Kydon tried to convince me of this one:

This one is pretty good. It would fit on our pantry shelves. And it was only $10. But it wasn't FIFO or self-rotating, which I really wanted. I kept looking, and looking, and finally I found a blog with some make-it-yourself instructions.

The blog is called Mormon Food Storage. And it has some very cool instructions for making your own FIFO can rotation shelf out of cardboard. Just click on the picture of the instructions, and it will enlarge big enough to read the measurments.
All the supplies- thick cardboard, razor blade and ruler.
Here are my cut out pieces- 2 sides, 3 shelves, a back and 2 front pieces. It took a lot less cardboard than I thought. The box above made 3 of the can shelves with a bunch left over.

The instructions say to use carpenters or elmers glue. I tried that, but it didn't go so well. It kept falling apart, and I was NOT very patient to wait for the glue to dry. So I did what any good crafter would do- I pulled out this guy:

NOW we can get something done! It worked great- in about 5 minutes I had the whole thing put together and it was plenty strong enough.

A view looking into the front.

Add some paint, and fill it with cans! It works perfect. The kids were going crazy putting the cans in over and over. The only snag I ran into was the first time I followed the instructions for the vegetable can, it was a little too small (I don't know if the fault is mine or the instructions- probably mine), so I will use that for soup cans, and I made the next two slightly bigger and the vegetable and fruit cans fit great.
And I made it for almost free- I found the cardboard, and already had a huge bag of glue sticks and just used leftover paint from the garage. Nice!
Where do you store your food storage? Any creative ideas for me? I would love to see pictures!


Mary Kate said...

Great job Shanna! I love your drive to make things work!!

I am doing better at rotating just because I had to throw out some food this year that we didn't our tastes changed and we weren't eating the "cream of" soups like we did a few years ago!!

We store a lot of our food under our beds. We also have some in closets and the laundry room(shelves about 15 inches from ceiling). I turned one of our linen closets into a pantry because our kitchen didn't have one. You do get creative and will be pleasantly suprised at all the little places you can store the food!

Valeni said...

Nice job Shanna! You got right on that! I see it is 3 stories tall instead of 2. Is this so it will fit your taller shelves? Will it be a problem to put the last few cans on the top?

Keep up the good work and ideas.

Shanna said...

It is 3 stories. I think it will hold 12 cans. I didn't design it to fit my shelves, I just followed the instructions, and that is how it turned out! It does fit nicely, though. Putting the other cans on top really shouldn't be a problem- it is plenty strong.

I also like this because I can easily see when I need to restock.