Thursday, January 8, 2009

Food Friday: Quickie

Today is Abigail's birthday!! So Food Friday will be short and sweet!

I am saving money to go to the cannery and increase my 1 year of basics.

I am buying extra at the grocery store and building my 3 month supply. I am also looking at a lot of different food storage blogs, and getting ideas. I am trying a lot of different recipes to see ones that we like that use food storage items. My favorite blog this week has been Safely Gathered In. It has a link for recipes, and I have them on the schedule for this week. I'll let you know how they turn out!

And I am making more of my FIFO rotation shelves. They are fun, and easy! This is my tomato shelf, all filled up (holds 12 cans), with a cute label.


Laine said...

I love your food friday posts Shanna. I need to get on the ball with our 3 month supply. We have our year (plus some) longer term storage, but not our 3 month "regular" supply. I will have to post to our blog what we have been doing. Last night we spent 2 hours on the food storage room. It is a mess, but by the weekend we should be able to walk in there and get working on the regular stuff. I am anxious to hear about recipes. I've been making my own bread, and the kids love it. Have you heard of wheat treats? We've been eating those, too...they're fun and yummy. well, my time is up. Thanks for inspiring me.

Sarah said...

I also love your food posts. And I have a question that maybe you can address in a future post. When you make your freezer meals what container do you put them in?

Shanna said...

I always just use the ziplock freezer bags. I find them to be the easiest to use, and they store flat, so they don't take up that much room.

I think I would like one of those vacuum seal machines, but for now we just use ziplock.