Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Blinked

I tried not to. I had been told not to. But I must have done it. I must have blinked. Because all of a sudden, Aidan is bigger.
His pants are too small. My arms don't fit around him in quite the same way they did last week. He is noticably heavier. And taller. And just *bigger* somehow.

He is showing imagination that he didn't have last time I noticed. He wants to know things- 'How dis work' 'what dat sign say' 'why, why, why'. He wasn't asking those things a minute ago.

When Abigail was born, my friend told me "don't blink. As soon as you blink, they will grow. So keep your eyes wide open, and try not to blink". I have tried my best. I watch them and hold them and I try to keep in my mind the best I can that these moments are fleeting. But I must have blinked, because he grew.

I asked him who said he could grow bigger, and he replied 'Jesus'. What a cutie!


Cecilee said...

Awwww! I'm sorry. I hate when you realize that they are growing up. Its so bittersweet. Sometimes I go overboard trying to cherish every moment.... I get a little obsessed with pictures, stories or whatever. I guess you just have to look at all the fun the future holds and be glad for the things you won't miss so much.

Astarte said...

So sweet!